Top 10 Best PC Games for 2022

PC gaming is introduced to hundreds of new releases every 2-3 months. While most releases go unnoticed, some leave a mark on the industry. Gaming is an activity that requires patience and a whole lot of time. Not many people regularly game and thus, don’t keep tabs on every new development 

If you are someone who recently got a new shining gaming rig, or perhaps you want to know some of the best games out there, we have you covered.  

Below are the 10 best PC Games for 2022 that you should definitely play and are worth your time and money. 

1. Control 

Control has been one of the best games to play in 2021. With the proper hardware and software, Control is visually very appealing. The game is a blend of cinematic brilliance and the action-adventure genre. With a destructible environment, you take ‘Control of the main character named Jesse Faden.  

The story revolves around a mysterious building where the player needs to locate your missing brother. Throughout your adventure, you face challenges that appear to be paranormal in nature. Without spoiling much, you should definitely check this one out. 

2. Assassins Creed Valhalla 

Ubisoft’s Assassin Creed Series has become one of the recognizable as well insane series of games to play. A series that is over a decade old has entertained a whole generation of gamers. From ancient Rome to pirates, the series takes on history and events from various periods.

The latest in the series is Assassins Creed Valhalla. It revolves around Vikings, that’s rights AC series has gone above and beyond with this latest installment. The player steps into the shoes of 9th century Vikings leading invasion of England. An exceptionally good game worth spending your money on. 

3. Cuphead 

Cuphead is, without a doubt one of the toughest games you will ever play. This charming game is capable of fooling everyone with its classic, retro animation and cartoonish theme. However, for those who choose to play it, cuphead presents a fun and challenge that not a lot of run and gun games offer. 

From challenging levels to super difficult bosses, Cuphead is a simplistic game that can keep you entertained for hours as you try and beat your own score.

4. Doom Eternal 

Doom Series has been close to the heart of every 90’s kid. Violence, blood, gore, and above all the metal music are bliss for many of us. Doom Eternal comes after Doom 2016 and presents the player with something never before seen. 

Not many FPS games can actually render frames as smoothly as Doom Eternal with such a chaotic and fast-paced environment. This installation truly brings back the memories of ‘Rip & Tear.’ The game is a must for any gamer. With the new DLC, there is quite a bit to play as you uncover the story of the Doom Slayer while you beat demons from hell. 

5. Red Dead Redemption 2 

Rockstar Games is a studio that constantly provides games with a lot of content, story, and ingenuity. Red Dead Redemption is the second installation in the series of the same name. From an incredible story, graphics, huge world, and tons of things to do, RDR 2 is definitely a must for any PC Gamer. 

6. Grand Theft Auto 5 

This is perhaps one of the most, if not the most well-known Series ever released by Rockstar Games. Open World Games took on a whole new meaning with Grand Theft Auto Games. The Latest game, although quite some time has passed since it came out in GTA 5. 

With charming characters, a good story, and a huge world to wreak havoc, GTA 5 is a game where you will find spending hours without even making any progress with the story. That is definitely praising the developers for creating a sandbox for gamers to sink their gaming hours in. 

7. Hades 

Big Game developers and publishers dominated the gaming industry for quite some time. But with the indie movement, a lot of independent developers have been releasing games worth the Triple AAA status. Hades is one such game. 

This rogue-like, isometric game is a challenging take on the genre. From tons of gameplay features to a death system that will keep you addicted for the most part, Hades deserves to be on your gaming library. 

8. Resident Evil: Village 

The Resident Evil series took a turn for the good with RE:7 going back to its roots of Survival Horror. RE:7 was a big hit as we got introduced to the main character Ethan. The same Character continues to be our hero in this latest installment. 

Without spoiling much, RE:8 is a lot more action-oriented than RE:7, that however is not a bad thing. The game is filled with monsters like vampires, Lycans, and much more. You are constantly on the hunt for resources.  

The main storyline continues from RE:7, so those unfamiliar should definitely play that one as well. With a lot of puzzle elements, escape rooms fans would like this game as well. 

9. Counter-Strike Global Offensive 

Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CS: GO is one of the most played games on Steam. The active user base, constant updates, and entertaining gameplay set this one apart from a lot of FPS games.  

What started as a mod for Half-life is now a series that is one of the most popular games for esports. The competitive scenario for this game is huge. The game is based on teams and a fixed objective. You need precision, skill, reflexes, and a good game sense to become a better player. It is one of the most addictive multiplayer shooters out there for you. 

10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt   

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the continuation of the Fantasy RPG series ‘The Witcher.’ The series has become hugely popular for its gameplay, story, and endless side quests that can keep you entertained for a long long time. 

The Witcher 3 follows around the lead protagonist ‘Geralt of Rivia’ as he goes around the world fulfilling his duties as the Witcher (killing some insane monsters) and searching for someone. Without spoiling much, you should definitely check this game out. 

Before We Conclude, here are some honorable mentions that could easily fit into this list or some other list 

·         Death loop 

·          Elder-Scrolls: V Skyrim 

·         Days Gone 

·         Valheim 

·         Minecraft 

·         Death Stranding 

·         Horizon Zero Dawn 


These top 10 games are some of the best ones you can and definitely should save to buy. PC gaming can provide an unmatched experience that consoles restrict. The freedom of using a mouse and keyboard itself proves to be a game-changer for playing these games. 

From action-Adventure to escape room like puzzle games, there are all sorts of games you should try. Sure, you should try and play these 10 first but do not restrict yourself to just these.