15 Fun Facts and Trivia About Casinos

Casinos are undeniably popular, and people are always fascinated by the idea of gambling. The drive can be different for different people. Some do it for the thrill, some for the chance to win big money. No matter the reason why people love to gamble. Today, gambling is made easy and convenient because it is available online too. Online casinos are the digitized version of land-based ones, and they are definitely here to stay.

Over the last two decades, online casinos have grown in popularity, and today they have become one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Almost everyone knows someone who randomly signed up at an online casino and ended up winning thousands and in some cases, even millions of dollars. Regardless of how into the entire concept you are, online casinos are fascinating.

What follows is a list of interesting facts about both land and online casinos that will surely make you at least curious to find out more about this topic. Let’s dive in, shall we?

  1. All the numbers on the roulette wheel equal the number 666 when added up. This is why this game is also famous for the name “The Devil’s Game”.
  2. In the eighteen hundreds, when gambling was illegal, players used to swallow the craps dice when policemen were doing raids. This way, they avoided arrests.
  3. In the far 50s, a sailor had such luck that he won 27 consecutive times. This happened in Las Vegas, and the gambler was playing craps. What makes this story even more fascinating is the fact that the probability of this ever happening is 1 in 12,467,890. Amazing, right?
  4. While on the topic of probability, it is interesting to know that the chances of getting a Royal Flush in poker are 1 in 649,740. Poker is a game of skills more than a game of chances.
  5. In Japing, gambling is an illegal activity. However, the Japanese have found a way to compensate the lucky players. Namely, if you win, you will get a prize which you can later sell back to the establishment for money.
  6. This one is for all the talented mathematicians out there. You will be happy to learn that Blackjack is the only game in both online and brick casinos where understanding Math will give you an edge over the house. Just make sure that you gamble at quality casinos where the game is played fairly.
  7. Most of you have probably heard of the game Baccarat. Well, the meaning of the word Baccarat is “zero” in both Italian and French.
  8. There was a scandal related to betting at a Las Vegas Hospital. In 1980, workers would bet on when patients would die. Once the hospital management found out, they had to suspend everyone involved. There was even a nurse who was suspected of killing a patient to win the bet.
  9. This one is for slot enthusiasts. In times when gambling was illegal, slot machines would dispense fruit chewing gums as a reward. These later could be traded in for real money. This is one reason why today, both types of casinos have slot machines that feature several different games with fruit symbols.
  10. The first-ever online casino was launched in August 1996. It was based in Antigua, and it was named InterCasino. At the time, this casino offered 18 games for players to choose from. Humble beginnings.
  11. There is a hand in poker known as the “dead man’s hand”. It is a pair of aces and eights. It got this slightly creepy name because Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the head when he held this poker hand.
  12. The Great Wall of China was in part funded by the Chinese game known as Keno. It just shows how great an impact these games have financially.
  13. Another positive thing about gambling, especially the online type is that legal online gambling can be used as a means to trace and notice the possible financing of terrorism.
  14. Next comes the largest online slot machine payout. It was in the amount of 17,879,645 Euros, or 13,209,300 Pounds, and the game was played at Microgaming’s Mega Moolah.
  15. Most brick casinos don’t have any clocks or windows inside. This is made on purpose so that players have no orientation on how much time they spend inside playing.  
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