5 Best Educational Video Games

5 Best Educational Video Games That Homeschoolers Love

Home schooling is now becoming a norm after restrictions brought about by the Corona Virus Pandemic. Students are exposed to numerous study support tools, including video games. Once you pay for homework, learning becomes easier such that you can use gadgets like video games to create an enjoyable education environment. 

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Video games can be used during breaks to help the kids to learn or as resources to help in executing a topic. They provide a familiar environment for students of different ages and learning grades. Here are the top 5 educational video games to consider for homeschoolers. 

My Word Coach

As the name suggests, it helps you to learn languages and improve your linguistic prowess. It is available on Nintendo and Wii. It provides multiple games to help you learn words and how best to use them in communication.

The 6 inbuilt games will help children of all ages, including teens with linguistic challenges. The dictionary is loaded with more than 17,000 words that will help you to master language for use in class and beyond. It is easy to use and does not feature adverts. The games are fun for different ages, providing the best learning and playing experiences. 

UDraw Studio

The video game is designed to help your child to discover his or her creative potential. While it is a game, it requires the learner to draw as he or she moves from one level to the other. It offers a chance to customize your play, making it even more interesting for each learner. 

While the game comes with built-in episodes-with customized avatars and settings, a student can choose to build one for his or her own. It is interesting to see kids engage their creative gear to produce the most amazing gaming features. It is an excellent introduction to computer programming. 

National Geographic Challenge

National Geographic Challenge is an Xbox game meant to enhance geographic knowledge for different kids. It ranks among the purely educational video games that can be used by kids of different ages. It will challenge his or her current knowledge while at the same time imparting new knowledge. The student learns with puzzles, quizzes, and opportunities to explore the world. 

Storybook Workshop

The game is available on Wii at a bargain price. It targets youngsters who are just learning how to read. It will help them with already created stories or to build own stories and explore their creativity. It comes with 16 stories that the kids can listen to and answer questions. They can also record their stories, songs, and other learning materials for sharing with supervisors for evaluation. 

Big Brain Academy

It is designed in a quiz format. The Nintendo DS game comes with timed questions that will stretch your imagination. The idea is to work-out the brain. It has quizzes for kids of different ages and schooling grades. 

The best educational game will depend on the areas a learner wishes to reinforce. Most are available for free but advanced features can be unlocked at a fee. Choose games that you will also enjoy without the risk of addiction.