5 Reasons Bitcoin Casino Should Consider Having Live Table Games In The Metaverse

For true gamers, the recent developments made in metaverse technology are like visiting a candy shop every day – without tooth decay. The current and implied applications through VR, AR and Blockchain technologies, the metaverse within the 3rd generation internet Web 3.0, is generating a great deal of hyped anticipation.

For clarity, the metaverse is a technology still in its infantile stages.  It is commonly used to refer to a virtual reality space in which avatars are used to represent real people. Through VR headsets, engagement is possible in this virtual reality space.

The possible uses for gamblers are just as exciting. Metaverse technology, in gambling, offers changes in transacting, gaming, engagement and experience to the user. Players who enjoy the thrill found in live blackjack, roulette, poker or the like can now have that experience without leaving their living room. There are more benefits, but they don’t involve you being a couch potato.


Metaverse technology uses blockchain technology – which is also used more and more by online cryptocurrency casinos. Blockchain is encrypted and thus making it impossible to manipulate data. In simplified terms, the same blockchain technology can be used as a secure avatar locator within the metaverse space.

For gambling, this is a huge asset. Blockchain technology can now be used to not only link an avatar (person) to an account but also provide a universal cryptocurrency with which players can securely use to transact within the virtual space. These transactions can be transferred into real cash currencies at any time.


Cryptocurrency casinos, that provide an array of real-time gambling, including live bitcoin blackjack are gaining increased popularity as crypto is being regarded as a universal currency. Its fluctuation is determined, not by governments, but by demand and no other factors. For the consumer, this just means that transacting does not require conversion and conversion fees. And that’s more money in the pocket. 

The metaverse convergences the physical presence with the 3D digital company. The possible uses of cryptocurrency within the metaverse make the most sense for many users. 


The thought of the metaverse could decentralise physical, financial and identity engagements in the virtual. This would be made possible with blockchain technology. Physically, gaming could be conducted in a virtual plain as compared to it being on a physical casino floor, but still with the feel of being on the casino floor. 

The use of cryptocurrency allows for a virtual financial system that can be transferred into a tangible physical system. The use of an avatar that, through blockchain technology, can link your identity while still keeping it private.


The traditional physical spaces of traditional casino gaming may be the ones most impacted by the use of metaverse gaming. Players will be provided with the option of engaging in their favourite games in the comfort of their homes, with a real-life feel.

For anyone familiar with VR gaming, real-life simulation happens. Through their devices, the gamer can control the avatar through their body movements. The implication for poker lovers means they will be able to engage and see the avatar react as in real life dealing situation. This is a true gambling experience bonus for live gaming.

Games are plenty

From the games development perspective, introducing a selection of interactive games to the market would be a must. This is wonderful for the user as game selection can be more varied. Currently, several online live game offerings could be enhanced by metaverse-enabled technology. 

Players can still enjoy the selection of games through their multiple devices. A convergence of casino floor feel in the comfort of your living space would further enhance gaming experiences. The possibility of ‘ meeting’ with friends online on the metaverse, and playing the casino floor would be a priceless experience.


The possibilities are exciting with the possibilities offered by the metaverse. Casinos will have to ensure that they can keep up with the wave of demand the new metaverse technologies are set to provide for the benefit of their customers. While it has been convenient to access your gaming via a mobile device, the consumer is now ready for the next wave of technology has to offer.