6 Things to Do Quickly Before the End of Season 8 in Destiny 2

Season 8 is slowly coming to an end on Destiny 2 . Accordingly, there is little time to complete certain seasonal goals. We’ll show you where in the season of the transient so slowly hurry is announced.

When does the season 8 end?

You will not have much time left. The first season of year 3, the season of the imperishable , ends with the Weekly Reset on December 10th.

Afterwards, season 9, the Season of the Dawn, will start immediately afterwards.

What’s up with the seasonal goals?4

For certain things you only have time in the course of a season.

6 Things to Do Quickly Before the End of Season 8 in Destiny 2
6 Things to Do Quickly Before the End of Season 8 in Destiny 2

After that, you either have to start from scratch with some tasks, because they were reset during the season change, or you do not even have the opportunity to realize the goal.

Because, as Bungie said earlier, some seasonal content may disappear and make room for fresh content.

We’ll show you some things to finish before the current season ends.

Immortal Title and Seasonal Triumphs

With Season 8, traditionally new triumphs were included in the game. Some of them can only be earned within the scope of the current Season 8 – Triumph hunters and completeness fanatics should therefore hurry, if one or the other triumph is still pending.

Previous titles in Destiny 2 with the exception of MMXIX from the Triumph moments of 2019 are and remain all playable at any time.

With the titles from year 3, this obviously works differently. Although the Seasons still bring new titles – in Season 8 this is called Immortal – but after the season, you will not be able to unlock this title. If you want to decorate your guardians with the cosmetic addition from Season 8 and show it proudly and visible to all, you should hurry as well.

This is how you become immortal: Become “Immortal” in Destiny 2 – This is how you get the new title of Season 8.

Seasonal Ranks and Rewards from the Season Pass

With the Season 8 Bungie introduced a new Season Pass model , which now also contains a kind of Battle Pass. Each season offers its own seasonal ranks – in the Season 8 there are 100. There are two reward branches – a free (for all players) and a premium branch (for the owners of the season).

At every premium level, you’ll be in for a treat – from exotics like Erinana’s oath to resource packages to armor or cool armor ornaments with a thematically inspired look. The free branch, on the other hand, offers only a few rewards every few levels.

If you want to grab all these bonuses , but you have not reached level 100 in seasonal rank yet, then you should now accelerate slowly and collect XP heavily. Because these rewards are only available until the end of the season. Then there will be a new Battle Pass with new seasonal bonuses in the right style.

By the way: Bungie had already said that at the end of a season, there will be some sort of pay-back system to buy missing seasonal ranks. The system was already prematurely active for a short time due to an error – a rank cost the equivalent of one Euro (100 silver).

So if you do not have time to earn the missing ranks but still want to pocket the rewards, you should soon be given the opportunity to do so.

Iron Banner Armor Quest

In Season 8, the Iron Banner has received a new Event Armor Set for each Guardian class. Also, the way to get this armor has changed to the season of the Imperishable.

The pieces of armor must first be earned individually as part of a multi-part quest before they become available from other sources. If you have several characters to play with, you will need to complete the quest with each of them if you want the complete set.

And if you are not through it then it will be high time. Because on the 26th of November the last Iron Banner of Season 8 will start. So you only have until 3rd of December to release the missing pieces of armor from the Iron Banner.

Find out more and why the upcoming Iron Banner armor from Season 9 might disappoint you here: Hurry, last chance on Iron Banner armor from Season 8

Weapons of the Vex Offensive

The seasonal activity Vex Offensive has 4 exclusive weapons in their loot pool:

  • the handgun optative
  • the pulse gun adhortative
  • the scout rifle imperative
  • the submachine subjunctive

These have recently been complemented by 2 Season Pass weapons :

  • The machine gun temporal set 
  • The automatic rifle pluperfect 

The Vex offensive now embodies another source for these 2 seasonal shooters, if you’ve progressed far enough in the Season Pass.

These 6 weapons can be earned there with different rolls. So if you’re still missing a good roll, you should invest some more time and farm another round. Because if Bungie should delete this seasonal content at the end of the season, the chance of getting these weapons will be gone.Destiny 2: Why the final of the Vex offensive is a huge disappointment.

(Source: @ saboe627 on Twitter)

Top weapons and ritual weapons

In Destiny 2 you have the opportunity to earn so-called top weapons. These are special, legendary guns that have special powerful perks.

As a result, they are sometimes almost as strong as Exotics – so strong that Bungie has decided to stop the top weapons at the beginning of Season 8 and instead has introduced ritual weapons . These work similarly, but are no longer as powerful as the original top weapons.

Both some top weapons and ritual weapons are tied to seasonal ranks – for example in the competitive PvP playlist or in Gambit. And these ranks are reset at the end of a season. Although the general quest progress remains, if you do not want to regain your rank next season, then you should earn the necessary rank this season.

Seasonal artifact

The seasonal artifact was introduced during the ongoing Season 8. This not only equips you with special mods – it also lets you level beyond the actual maximum level – in principle infinitely far.

The only limit is the end of the season. Because for the new season, these extra seasonal levels are reset, so you either land on the max power level or just at the level to which you have worked regularly.

Technically, it does not really do much to push the artifact level. But some players see it as a challenge to push this as far as they can – just to see how far you could get. If you are one of them then you should also hurry slowly. Because you do not have much time left to push up the artifact level. The 10th of December is over.