A Look at the Latest Grand Theft Auto Announcement

Grand Theft Auto is, without question, one of the most successful console games of all time. The game has seen multiple instalments across various platforms, has a huge online player base and even has a mobile version of the game. GTA is one of the few games that has stood the test of time and is still regularly played, despite the last game being released nearly ten years ago. However, there is one issue that unites GTA players across the world – when is GTA VI going to be released?!

The Latest Grand Theft Auto Announcement

After a decade of hoping for announcements and being disappointed every year, Rockstar Games has finally delivered the news that everyone has been waiting for. They announced that they’re working on creating GTA 6 after a Rockstar Games insider revealed that the company had a first trailer planned. No one knows when this is going to be released, but following Rockstar’s previous announcement formats it’s likely to be in the autumn of this year. So, while we all wait to see what the gaming giant will come up with, let’s take a look back at some of the best aspects of GTA V for some inspiration.

What Can Gamers Expect To See?

The Controls

One of the hugest improvements between IV and V were the controls and mapping systems. The auto-aim feature when shooting on GTA V was revolutionary and made gameplay much easier and more efficient. The mapping system was also much improved after players had spent years taking wrong turns or finding themselves on a freeway instead of under it, thanks to the questionable functionality of the map. GTA V controls are already great, so it’ll be exciting to see how they’ve improved in VI.

Downloadable Content/Online Play

The biggest reason that GTA V has had such a long lifespan is because of the downloadable content releases and online play capabilities. The continuous release of downloadable content kept the game feeling fresh, even when players had completed every mission in the main game.

The Contract DLC added an entire story to GTA Online. It gave players a new narrative for Franklin as well as a guest appearance from Dr Dre, new weapons, vehicles, locations and more. This was also a free update for GTA Online, which players hugely appreciated.

The second DLC to be released was the Diamond Casino and Resort. New locations had been added to the game through DLC before, but the Diamond Casino and Resort was revolutionary because it brought an entirely new location to GTA Online. When the casino opened it was used to reward players who had bought the Master Penthouse and had completed the casino missions. There were four tiers of membership, depending on how many of the tasks you had ticked off. This new location brought an array of new mini-games as well as several new missions and work.

GTA Online and Mobile Versions

Rockstar released GTA: San Andreas for Android a while ago, but there have been lots of talks of making GTA Online available to mobile players too. While this isn’t something that’s happened yet, it’s still worth mentioning as it would bring a whole new user base to the platform (potentially both a good and bad thing).

GTA Online, however, has been around on consoles for years and it’s one of the big reasons for GTA’s continued success. The ability to play online with other users, access new content, add missions to your game and discover new locations means that the game never gets boring. Rockstar didn’t need to work on GTA VI because GTA V was still so popular and was making a lot of money.

GTA and Real Life Entertainment

Based on the features of real-life and online gambling experiences, from the poker and blackjack tables to the slot machines (with many games resembling those found at these casinos with slot offers) the Diamond Casino release was a big milestone in GTA V and this is something that is likely to continue with the new version. Players reacted well to the chance to play at casinos within the game, so why wouldn’t game developers continue this moving forward?

There have been massive advances in technology since the first versions of Grand Theft Auto and although this new release has been a long time coming, it seems that the game developers have worked hard to make sure that they take advantage of as much of this technology as possible – and it is this that gamers will be most looking forward to!

The Excitement Of a New Version

In the last year, GTA players have been getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of a new release, to the point that some players have been calling for a boycott of GTA Online to force them to announce GTA VI. The gaming community can be a pretty strong one when they get together and so this could well have been seen as a serious threat by Rockstar and the team behind Grand Theft Auto.

It’s not clear if this worked or if it was just time for Rockstar to announce the new game, but whatever the reason, it has players understandably excited.  Each new release in the series has built on the mechanisms of the previous instalment and has paved the way for huge leaps forward in technology and gameplay. With GTA VI set to release on the PS5 and Xbox, it’ll be exciting to see how they use this new console to further tell the story. As the game gets released into the public domain gamers are likely to want to keep an eye on reviews and the opinions of other games, to see how the game pans out. There are likely to be some gripes, as there always is but with such anticipation for the game already it is likely to be a release that proves to be successful and with the work that has gone into making that happen, understandably so.