A year in review: The best games

2022 is nearly over, and it’s been another great year for video games. We’ve seen some unforgettable titles hit the shelves. In this guide, we’ll examine a handful of the best.

In particular, we’ll look at a game that’s been described as one of the greatest of all time. We’ll also take a look at the final instalment in one of the most popular sports games around. 

But first, let’s review one category of games that never seem to wane in popularity. In fact, more and more people are playing them than ever.

Casino games maintain their popularity

With improvements in mobile technology and the user experience of betting apps, the popularity of online casino games has spiked in recent years. It’s set to tip the total value of the online gambling market northwards of $150bn. 

There are a handful of games which draw in most people. Roulette, poker and blackjack are just some of the most played casino games, as well as slot games. The emergence of live table games has helped fuel a spurt in popularity. Via betting apps and websites, players can join table games hosted by live dealers, watch the roulette wheel spin and bet along with other players. 

This greater emphasis on creating a more immersive experience has undoubtedly won over new players. However, it doesn’t seem to be stopping there, as some betting sites have even made a foray into virtual reality (VR) gaming. 

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Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the latest smash-hit game to come from publisher Bandai Namco. With incredible and immersive worldbuilding by one of the best fantasy writers in the world, George RR Martin, the action role-playing game has taken the world by storm.

With a massive world for players to explore, great beasts to slay and plenty of challenges along the way, Elden Ring makes for a truly gripping experience. While it’s a single-player game, there are multiplayer elements. For example, it’s possible to join up with other players who may need help completing a certain part of the campaign. It’s also possible for players to leave messages for others to find. These can contain tips, clues or warnings. 

The game is presented in third person and follows a similar combat style to games such as Dark Souls, a product of developer FromSoftware. There’s also a strong element of survival to the game, with players only able to heal themselves so often. It’s therefore necessary to choose your enemies wisely and to take a more cautious approach. 

Elden Ring was a hotly anticipated game. It came out on February 25th, 2022, and by July, it had sold 16.6 million copies across PlayStation 4 and 5, Windows and Xbox One and Xbox Series X. 


FIFA 23 is the latest edition in the long-running soccer franchise. It’s arguably the most popular and well-known of all sports games. However, what makes FIFA 23 unique is that it’s the last game of the series to be produced by EA Sports. 

The publishing giant has lost the contract from FIFA, the world soccer governing body. While they may release another game, they may not access the same naming rights, a similar situation to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). 

Regardless of licensing issues, FIFA 23 is an enjoyable game to play. As with all new FIFA games, the gameplay has shifted slightly, with a greater emphasis on strength and physical build than speed. 

Once again, the cornerstone game mode is Ultimate Team. This mode gives players the opportunity to build their dream team. To do so, they must play matches and earn coins. They can also get players by being awarded or buying virtual packs of players — similar to Pokémon cards, an old favorite of many gamers. 

With their dream teams, players have the opportunity to play other teams in game modes such as Squad Battles and Division Rivals, which is an online league. It’s also possible to qualify for more intense competitions, such as the FUT Championship. 

There are other game modes too, such as Pro Clubs. This allows players to create their own soccer player and then join teams of other players, with each person controlling their own “pro”. It’s one of the most enjoyable online games to play.