Age of the Gods progressive slots series

As far as progressive slots go, the Age of the Gods slot series at Pay by Mobile Slots is amongst the very best. Players love these titles for their amazing theme, great playability and choice of jackpots!

What is a progressive slot

Players will mainly encounter two jackpot types while playing slot games, a fixed jackpot and a progressive jackpot. The fixed jackpot is a jackpot type that stays the same amount no matter how long a player uses it for. A progressive jackpot is much more lucrative by comparison as it actually slowly increases in size the longer it remains unclaimed. Many progressive jackpots are so large that they will actually make the winning player a millionaire! Although this may sound exciting, players need to bear in mind how difficult it is to actually win this type of slot game. By tempering expectations, players will be able to focus on enjoying the game and having fun, rather than getting stressed about not winning the jackpot.

Age of the Gods?

Developed by Playtech, the Age of the Gods series of slot games has gone on to form a  life of its own. This is due to the immense popularity of the series, with players far and wide enjoying the slot titles.

●     One thing that helps to set these slot titles apart from their contemporaries is the fact that they have four different progressive jackpots for players to enjoy. These jackpots are all worth different amounts, this means that you can compete for the jackpot that is most appropriate to your bankroll. This is opposed to other progressive jackpots where you have only one to enter which is very expensive.

●     The theme of these slot games are also very enjoyable, with a nice exploration of ancient Gods such as Zeus and Thor. Players will love the graphics that these games use as they are perfect for animating these visceral characters. Although much of the players focus will be on the progressive jackpots, thanks to the amazing graphics they also have great characters to enjoy.


The Age of the Gods slot has proved to be a favorite amongst players, Playtech have created an innovative slot game that offers an enjoyable experience mixed with exciting gameplay and big payout potential. The following are the biggest benefits offered.

  1. The jackpots – Perhaps the most obvious benefit, the four jackpots are perfect for players of all backgrounds. Not only do these jackpots come in different difficulties, which means that any player can enter but they all offer a great payout potential to the winner. There is no mystery as to why this slot is so popular.
  2. The design – The design of this slot is something that needs to be seen. It does a great job of bringing these powerful deities to life, with vibrant and striking animations that catch the players attention. If slot design is big on your personal checklist, look no further than this game.


With four different progressive jackpots, it is no wonder that Age of the Gods is so well liked by players.