An Introduction to Promotions at Online Casinos

Before any casino starts, it develops its system of rewarding players. Casino-howto claims that the main reason for this is the tremendous competition that exists in the industry. Promotions are a great marketing tool when promoting a gaming site.

Welcome bonuses

The first promotion that players encounter at an institution that is new to them is the welcome bonus package. Welcome offers are beneficial to both parties. For the operators, they guarantee the attraction of new users and encourage them to register. For players, the benefit lies in the opportunity to get to know the casino, their ethos, honesty and simply to increase their chances of winning. In the early days of promotional offers, players were only offered one bonus after registering. For example, for the first deposit. Slightly later, the operators increased the welcome offer to two units in the struggle for the customer. Even today it is difficult to surprise players with four promotional offers for newcomers at once.  

Welcome bonuses can be divided into four types:

  • Deposits. By depositing a certain amount, the player receives additional money in his account. Their amount depends on the promotion and varies between 100 EUR and 10,000 EUR
  • No deposit bonuses. To get this bonus, you must do something simple. For example, to register or enter an email in your profile
  • Free spins. This offer is always limited to a certain number of slots. Such rewards are essentially designed to draw attention to the game rules offered
  • Deposit + Free spins. For making a deposit, the operator gives its new customer a deposit bonus and additional free spins. Their number depends on the provider’s generosity and can be up to 500 spins.

Since the welcome offer is often the deciding factor for users, many operators are not stingy about making truly generous promotions. Some establishments edit their bonuses once a month, while others do not change anything for years. To ensure that players do not miss out on interesting offers when registering the operator encourages but does not oblige, them to sign up for promotional email newsletters.

An important consideration when using welcome bonuses is the wagering rules. Don’t use those with very low (up to x30) or extremely high (above x50) wagering requirements. In the first case, you may not get your winnings, and in the second case, you may not win at all, because the requirements are too strict. If you use the bonuses thoughtfully, you can win handsomely.

Casino tournaments

In medieval times, as now, tournaments were hard to surprise anyone. The only difference is that previously there were lives at stake, whereas today players risk material goods – money. The operators raffle off money, free spins, or coins as rewards. Modern tournaments are very varied. Because of this, especially in recent years, they have reached their peak of popularity. Rare casinos do not offer this type of reward.

The games are divided into slots, live and table games. The latter, in turn, offer video poker, blackjack, roulette and poker. Other games are hardly ever included in tournaments. With such diversity, every player will find a tournament to suit his or her interests.  

Sometimes you have to pay a small entry fee to enter a tournament. This is called a Buy-in. To find out if you are required to pay a fee to enter a tournament, read the rules carefully. These tournaments are for experienced players. They offer impressive prize pools, sometimes even up to several million euros. If you’re just getting started, you might want to look into Free Roll tournaments. That’s because they are likely to have extra fees and more complicated rules. They are more difficult to understand for newbies, so losing is almost guaranteed. In Free Roll tournaments the payouts are much more modest. They are either up to a few thousand dollars, or coins.

Tournaments also vary in frequency. They can be irregular, daily, weekly or monthly. they can all include one or more rounds. the way it works is that the winner is determined when the tournament ends. Even participants who have run out of coins and are not allowed to buy in are eligible to win. in another variant of one-round tournaments, any participant has several attempts to win. Multi-round tournaments imply the elimination of a certain number of players at the end of each round. What criteria are used to exclude players and what criteria are used to win is a matter for each operator.


The VIP program is a special reward system for regular players. It offers exclusive bonuses with better wagering conditions, increased cashback and much more. This, in turn, allows you to receive larger winnings. To participate in the program, there is no need to perform any additional actions. The player’s job is to make deposits and play for money. In short, to do what he came for.

Each time a deposit is made, the player’s bonus account is credited with Coins (the casino’s special currency). Their amount depends on the deposit and the exchange rate of the particular site. This program is ideal for high rollers, active players and those who are already at a high level. For those who play infrequently, it will take much longer and be more difficult to earn Coins.

To receive the benefits of casino life, the player has to accumulate coins and move to the next level of the program. By moving up a level, the player gets better and more exclusive offers. More often than not, the VIP program consists of several levels. The variety of bonuses depends on the operator. Some gaming clubs offer many different rewards. For others, the VIP program is limited to cashback or better exchange rates for real money.

The presence of such a program in a casino is its image. Any establishment that respects its customers has one. The more unique the rewards system, the more willing players are to return. The following bonuses can be found in casinos:

  • Free Spins
  • Daily/weekly cashback
  • Exchange of coins for real money
  • Fixed gift amount
  • Reduction of the wager
  • Property gifts
  • Travel to different countries
  • Lotteries
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Transfer to a closed club.

You can also get a personal manager to help you. He can help you increase your limits and advise you on all questions 24/7.


Cashback has only recently gained popularity as a method of reward. It has been borrowed from banking organizations. Some operators have not yet included this type of bonus in their bonus policy. So, cashback is an offer in which a percentage of the money deposited or lost is returned to the player’s account for their activity.

Cashback is awarded daily, on specific days, weekly or monthly. The frequency of refunds depends on the casino’s policy. Some establishments include this type of reward in their promotional program for all. Others give out this bonus as part of a VIP program. In the second case, the size of the cashback will depend on the level of the client. The higher the level, the greater the refund. Most often there is a 1-15% refund. An amount above this average is likely to be given only to the best customers.

To understand the cashback rules, it is necessary to refer to the description of the bonus policy. In the industry, some establishments transfer the required amount automatically. It is credited to the player’s account. In order not to miss out on a cashback at such an institution, be sure to find out under what conditions it happens. On the other hand, there are casinos that adhere to the timing. For example, if it’s a weekly bonus, then it will be given strictly at 00:00 on Mondays. And the last encountered option is by player request. It is extremely inconvenient for clients, so it is rare. In this case, you have to personally request this bonus from the support team.