Android 10 allows you to keep your data after uninstalling the app

Android 10 allows you to keep your data after uninstalling the app

Google introduced a new feature for Android 10: Allows the system to save data locally when the application is uninstalled. Previously, uninstalling an app on Android also deleted all data associated with it. For example, when you uninstall a game app, all saved data, character profiles, etc. will be deleted, unless it is synced with Google Play Games.

And now Google is gradually changing this approach, allowing developers to choose to save data in local storage in Android 10. When you start the uninstall from the main screen or the setup menu, a dialog box will pop up showing whether to save the data. When you reinstall the application, you can restore the previously saved data.

Not all Android 10 apps support this feature.

Currently, there are only a handful of applications that support this feature, such as WhatsApp and ASR Voice Recorder. Since this is a new feature and some aspects are not yet mature, it will take a while for developers to use it. For mobile gamers, this is definitely a good thing, because many games rely entirely on locally stored application data to store player information.

In addition, for example, the above pop-up message will only be displayed if the application list operation is uninstalled in the App Drawer or Settings menu. If the application is uninstalled directly from the Play Store, the prompt will not be triggered. Although this feature currently supports fewer applications, we will be able to see more applications supported in the future.

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