Apex Legends: New weapon attachments in Season 3 trailer

Apex Legends observer players have discovered what could be two new weapon accessories, after the launch of season 3

Apex Legends fans are looking forward to the third season of Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale, with a lot of content that developers tease before the season’s release date on October 1.

Launched on September 27, Meltdown’s advance confirmed long-standing fan theories about a new map, which will be known as ‘World’s Edge’. We can also expect to see a new legend, the hacker, Crypto, that will arrive with the start of season 3.

The season 3 trailer also showed new game skins, but smaller potential additions have now been detected, in the form of possible weapon accessories.

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The Hop Ups are weapon accessories for specific weapons, such as disruptive rounds for the alternator and the RE-45, or the Hammerpoint rounds for the P2020 or Mozambique. Based on the Meltdown trailer game, a Reddit user highlighted the G7 Scout and R-301 as potential weapons for new attachments.

In the trailer, the R-301 fires in its single shot mode, which makes it speculate that a “high caliber” accessory will be on its way, which will increase the damage when shooting using the single shot mechanism.

Although not confirmed, the Reddit user attaches a clip of the trailer’s reduced speed, which seems to support what he is saying.

A new season 3 trailer came out on Saturday and offers a quick view of the gameplay and some points of interest on the map. A particularly important part of the video shows some of Crypto’s abilities. In the trailer, the new Legend uses his personal drone to get a panoramic view of the map.

If this is one of your skills, it will be useful, but you could turn a player into a sitting duck. There is also another quick shot of the drone that transforms into a cane for Crypto to eliminate other players, but it is not clear if this is a real skill

Apex Legends: New weapon attachments in Season 3 trailer

Season 3 of Apex Legends, called Meltdown, is just around the corner. The game Battle Royale is getting a new map, called World’s Edge, and players will have a new game mode. Along with the map, there will be another legend added to the list, Crypto and a new weapon.

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