Apple will have brand new designs for the 2020 iPhone

Apple will have brand new designs for the 2020 iPhone: Everyone have been waiting to hear this

Forget the new 2019 iPhone because the iPhone in 2020 sounds much more innovative. We are still waiting for the launch of the Apple iPhone 11 in a few days, but there are rumors about the company in 2020.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo an analyst at TF International Securities, the iPhone 2020 is undergoing major changes. . In a new announcement for investors, Kuo said that next year the iPhone will receive a “completely new design,” “5G support” and “camera enhancement.” He believes that these important changes will greatly increase the sales rate of iPhones.

Apple will have brand new designs for the 2020 iPhone
Apple will have brand new designs for the 2020 iPhone


Kuo did not give details about the meaning of “a completely new design element.” “Although we can expect an industrial design similar to the latest iPad Pro. However, it is not suitable for sports corners, flat surfaces and camera design. It is so terrible that it is difficult to imagine how Apple will return to the aluminum case.

Apple changed glass to iPhone 8 and iPhone X to allow wireless charging. As we know, metal does not play an important role in wireless charging. Apple hopes that this year the iPhone 11 Pro will be equipped with “wireless feedback” to power the Air Pods, so it is much less likely to use a metal iPhone in 2020. But the new form factor can mean a lot. According to rumors, the iPhone 2020 has a smaller slot, a touch screen, an extension sensor for a longer life and a USB-C port instead of Lightning. Apple plans to expand the iPhone 5G next year.

Kuo said earlier that the iPhone 2020 can be used with new 5.4 and 6.7-inch screens to replace existing 5.8 and 6.5-inch screens. The 6.1-inch iPhone (mainly the third-generation iPhone XR) is still on top. This year, the iPhone is the third version of the iPhone X design released in 2017. Although innovative at that time, smartphone manufacturers quickly surpassed and surpassed the iPhone X with a bold design.

Phones like One-plus 7 Pro and Galaxy Note 10 come with improved designs than the iPhone. With a high screen to screen ratio. While other phones like the Huawei P30 Pro and Google Pixel 3 offer an excellent camera, especially for shooting. Low light. Assuming this rumor is true, the iPhone 2020 can be a means to end the relatively low sale of the iPhone.

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