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Are you waiting for zombies in Call of Duty Mobile? They will come soon

For the players of Call of Duty Mobile , the next days will be particularly exciting, because important features have been announced. The hopefully awaited zombie mode will arrive soon. There’s also news about controller support.

What was announced? 

The mobile version of Call of Duty will be regularly updated after the October release to enhance the gaming experience. To the delight of the fans, because one of the next updates brings a long-awaited game mode.

In one of the latest community posts on Reddit , the team talks about the zombie mode that fans of the brand have long known and loved in the past. However, you do not want to reveal many details. It is said that players asked every day about the zombies last month.

For the release, the developers say that you soon have it in their fingers. An exact date was not revealed. “You will hold it in your hand, even before you realize it.” Sounds like you do not have to wait much longer. The game is well received by the community and CoD Mobile has been downloaded more than 100 million times in the first week after release .

Call of Duty: Mobile will be released on Android and iOS devices on Oct. 1, Activision announced today
Call of Duty: Mobile will be released on Android and iOS devices on Oct. 1, Activision announced today

How do you learn more about zombies in Call of Duty Mobile release? 

In writing to the community, the team explains that players should keep an eye on the social channels of the game. There you would then publish “screenshots, videos and more”.

What do the players say about zombies in Call of Duty Mobile? 

In the comments on Reddit, the news on zombie mode is well received. As the players write:

  • “I’m really looking forward to the zombies !!! : D “
  • “Well this news has turned my disappointment with zombies into hope and happiness”
  • “ZOMBIES! Thanks to the developers for addressing that. I love you guys. Keep it up! I can not wait to see it and hopefully play early enough. “

When does controller support come in Call of Duty Mobile?

What about controller support? Another important topic of the players is the support of controllers. In the community post, the team explains that this support will be activated soon. It will not be long before you can finally play the mobile game with a controller in your hand.

“Just a little note, but we plan to release the controller support soon. We’re finalizing the details of how it will work in the game, especially in matchmaking.” the latest from the COD team explains.

What does that mean? 

This feature seems to be about to be released. The note on matchmaking suggests that the game sorts between players using a controller and those who do not. That would be a fair solution if players could choose whether or not to play against controllers with controllers without controllers.

The vice president of Call of Duty Mobile already compared the topic with first-person and third-person views. There are separate lobbies for each player. “We can implement a similar solution for players using controllers as needed,” was the booth for Controller Support in CoD Mobile in October.

Are you excited for the Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie mode? Let us know in the comment section.