Astral Chain Game Review

The release date of Astral Chain was August 30 and the game faced some rather high expectations due to the names involved and its official revelation of Nintendo Treehouse: Live E3 2019. As far as action games are concerned, this title will surely The genre has been greatly stretched and when we consider that this project has some experienced people involved, such as the fact that it was supervised by the famous creator of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta – Hideki Kamiya, we know that something serious is about to fall.

Development and reception

This title was developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo, for Nintendo Switch. Astral Chain came out a few weeks ago, on August 30, 2019, and so far it has worked quite well, obtaining around 9/10 in the most relevant publications, such as IGN (9/10), Metacritic (88%) and GameSpot ( 8/10)

The game was supervised by Hideki Kamiya, who diverted Capcom and Clover Studios in 2006 to found PlatinumGames, taking some Capcom veterans with him, of course. Among the main contributors to the project is Takahisa Taura, one of the three directors of the game, who presented his collective creation at Nintendo Treehouse: Live E3 2019, in June, which you can see below:

Game Sory

Astral Chain takes place in 2078, where we see humanity facing the threat of extinction. The Earth is under attack by “Chimeras”, which originate from the “Astral Plane” or the interdimensional plane.

They corrupt and abolish our reality. Almost all surviving humans live on a synthetic island called The Ark, and have also managed to form a response team to fight the attacks of the astral plane of the Chimeras. And we do it by employing our own interdimensional walkers, police officers who have had their share of the astral plane. They are called the Task Force of the Neuron Police, and this is where the player enters, as part of the force.

Astral Chain Story Trailer

Astral Chain Gameplay

This game begins by introducing the player to the basic action / shooter configuration, but quickly becomes much more, and the trick lies in the game configuration. Mainly, in this game, you play as a Neuron police detective who, in addition to wreaking havoc and doing crazy stunts, also solves mysterious riddles and tracks the Chimeras throughout the Ark. However, things get an even more impressive level when you realize you play not with one but with two characters at the same time.

The game begins with a set of twin orphans, brother and sister, recruited in the ranks of Neuron. Depending on which of the pairs the player selects, one will be the main character with a name of the player’s choice, and the other will be a non-playable character named Akira. When a disaster occurs and most of Neuron loses the ability to control Legions, this couple becomes the last hope of the last hope, running on missions to investigate the activity of Chimera, rescue citizens captured by enemy forces and investigate threats both Aliens as humans. Being on the verge of extinction does strange things to people.

Graphics and visuals

As a Nintendo Switch game, Astral Chain really pushes the limits of even this last word portable gaming device. It looks amazing, with all its models, graphics, and rendering absolutely giving off a feeling of playing a PC game. It perhaps looks even more advanced than MK11 or The Witcher III on Switch, with both these games having an obvious 720p range.

Astral Chain Game Review
Astral Chain Game Review


Astral Chain Switch is a new take on portable action gaming, as it brings the chance to control two characters at the same time, which are beautifully synched to perform incredible stunts and action sequences. Out of combat, the game looks like Batman Arkham Asylum a lot, with a detective-like atmosphere in a sci-fi world. Story-wise, it is a cool new concept, worth exploring and quite a rewarding experience. 

I entered the Astral Chain waiting for a good action game with a nice anime aesthetic, an ice cream ball with a cherry on top. Platinum Games gave me a giant ice cream filled with whipped cream and slices of fruit and chocolate sauce. And nuts. Pecan Nuts I love those pecans. What I wanted is there, and it’s fine. There is much more and I love everything.

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