Battletoads: How to Change the Difficulty Level – Guide

Difficult games still have a place in the gaming scene today, as seen in games like Cuphead. Battletoads is known to be one of the most difficul games of all time. However, this can make access difficult. As a result, many games have chosen difficulty options. The new Battletoads reboot was one that gave the player several different levels of difficulty. Here’s everything you need to know about changing the difficulty in Battletoads.

Battletoads: Change the difficulty – Tips and tricks

Battletoads offers the player three difficulty levels to choose from: Tadpole, Toad, and Battletoad. This is basically the easy, natural and difficult version of the game that you must select the first time you start the game.

With these three difficulties, the difference is in the:

  1. Enemy’s Health,
  2. Enemy’s Strength,
  3. Timing of Respawning.

The higher the difficulty level you choose, the greater the chance that you will not survive due to a combination of these factors. Also, you cannot activate temporary resistance on the “Battletoad” difficulty, even in the Space Shooting stages.

How to Change Difficulty in Battletoads

  1. Select between Tadpole, Toad, and Battletoad.Tadpole is easiest, Battletoad is hardest.
  2. Start the game after selecting your difficulty.
  3. Difficulty can not be changed in game.You need to start a brand new game in order to change your difficulty.

The bad news is that once you start a backup file with a certain level of difficulty, there is no way to change it after that. This means that you will run into the difficulty option that you made from the beginning. Fortunately, the game has several memory slots to choose from at first, and the game is not very long. Because of this, if you need to change the difficulty level, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting back to where you were in a few hours.