Best Action Games Twitch Streamers

Best Action Games Twitch Streamers

Streamers want to make a huge number of followers on twitch. But how can you stream like the top streamers? You must follow the top streamers. People have a huge number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Streamers have a considerable number of followers and they have crossed millions. It is not so easy to find the top streamer. And if you are new to the world of streaming, it will take much time for you. This article will help you to save your time as we are going to show the best action games Streamers.

Top action games streamers on twitch:

If you are a streamer on twitch, you have to follow the top streamers to make more followers on your channel. The top streamers have reached millions of followers on their channel. Top streamers have a significant influence on twitch. People like you who are the beginner streamer, want to stream like them. Top streamers are involved in streaming and their fans are commenting. We want to introduce the top action games streamers on twitch so that you find inspiration for you. Before we start to discuss, we want to make you know about twitch in short. 

What is twitch? 

Twitch is the most popular platform for streaming games. Millions of people are creating sharing content through twitch streaming. Streaming has gained much popularity in recent years. Every day, more than 15 million streamers are active on twitch. Twitch is not only offering video games but also cooking and music. Along with streaming, you can watch gaming. Twitch keeps you up to date with all the latest game streaming. It can be quite expensive. But twitch has made it free to watch gaming for streamers. People are making money with twitch streaming. Reaching a specific level of the viewer, streamers can earn money directly. Content creators find it a useful platform for making money and creating followers. 

You will find most of the world-famous game streaming in twitch. There is no limit for streaming. People can view their favorite players, favorite games, game tips. Besides, you can find new games and browse more for fun. Twitch has added an extra perk along with its streaming. Twitch has created a community where gamers can share the latest games, communicate with each other, and learn new trends. 

Twitch streaming is available on other platforms like Android, Windows, iOs, and mac. What you need is just an Internet connection. As a beginner, you have to open a twitch account so that followers can post comments. Besides, they will subscribe to your account. It is free to create a twitch account.

Every streamer should follow some streamers to gain followers. It is not about gaining followers only, it is about improving their play, watching their favorite streamers, and enjoying the entertainment at its fullest. Besides, reaching the top of streaming needs to give much time for streaming popular games. We have created a list of the best action games twitch streamers based on the number of their followers. Let’s have a look at the best action games twitch streamers. 

Ninja :

Whether you are a streamer or not you have already heard about Ninja. Ninja is the professional twitch streamer. He is a halo player and plays luminosity games. Along with streaming, he broadcasts and interacts with his viewers. He has been streaming the most popular games like Fortnite, League of legends. He can stream on live for more than 80hours in a weak. Ninja’s team has also made a position in the Halo World Championships. If you are a streamer and dream to gain followers on your channel, you must follow Ninja.


Syndicate is a well-known name to the twitch streamers. It is considered as the third most popular twitch streaming channel. This channel is the first twitch channel that has received more than one million followers on twitch. This channel is at the most 100 top twitch streamers in the world. Most of the popular games on this channel are Minecraft, Call of duty, Counterstrike.


Lirik has been streaming on twitch since 2011. Lirik has a strong presence in social media channels and the twitch world. He has streamed most of the popular games on twitch like Fortnite. He has played several other games on twitch. He is streaming regularly.

Nightblue3 :

Nightblue3 is a streamer from the USA. He is a world-famous name known in the world of Twitch streaming. He has been streaming for seven years. On his YouTube channel, you will find the informative guides, gameplay montages, patch note reviews, spectates. His twitch channel is not only a place to watch streaming. He has discussed gaming advice and tips on his channel.

Eleague tv:

Eleague tv is known as a professional twitch streamer. Games on this channel are broadcasted on tv channels. This gaming channel has their tv channel and YouTube channel. It features 16 league teams competing in different seasons.


imaqtpie is a full-time top twitch streamer on. Imaqtpie is Michael Santana in the offline world. Most of the time he uses it to stream the League of legends. He has discussed the news, predictions, and issues of the League of legends. He started as being a member of the professional gaming team. He lives streams for more than 9 hours daily and 6days a week.

Dr. Disrespect:

Dr. Disrespect is a well-known name to the world of twitch streaming. He is an outrageous character. He specialized in several games like Call of duty, Apex legends, and PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds. He is so entertaining. He represents himself as a macho. Viewers get this sort of personality much entertaining. 


Phantomlord is the twitch channel of James Vargas. He was the number one player of League of legends. Later he set up the Esports team. His twitch channel has more than 1.4 million followers. His streaming has more than 88.5 million views. 

That’s a wrap-up. Hope that you have enjoyed the article. If you have a dream to be a top streamer with a large number of followers, you have to read this article. Making a significant influence on twitch is not so easy. It needs to follow the top twitch streamers and keep eyes on their channels. A successful twitch streamer demands a huge number of followers. 

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