BigDeal UK: Overview and Features

Gambling is not an unknown or restricted activity. It is one of the many ways people choose to have fun and probably make real money around the world. However, just like with all other things and activities, too much gambling at new independent casinos available in the UK can pose several issues. Because of the risks involved in gambling addiction, it is important to look at possible ways to reduce its occurrence. 

BigDeal is a safe environment for young people who are seeking help for problem gambling or information about how to gamble safely. In this overview, you will find all the useful BigDeal UK information.

 General Overview & Features of BigDeal

BigDeal is an environment for young people to find gambling-related knowledge and resources, either for themselves or for someone they care about. BigDeal is a platform under GamCare.

Established in 1997, GamCare is the leading information, advice and support provider for everyone impacted by gambling harm. The platform is known to run the National Gambling Helpline, and offer care to anyone affected by gambling. They also raise awareness of safer gambling and treatment and promote a successful solution within the gambling industry to safer gambling. 

Users of Gamcare can also access information, advice and emotional support on a live, confidential, one-to-one basis. In an additional attempt to make finding help easier, Gamcare allows users to sign up for additional sources of specialist assistance, including a face-to-face, online and mobile treatment services throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

GamCare offers a Youth Outreach Program that connects young people with immersive workshops and training for professionals who serve youth, such as teachers and youth workers.

The BigDeal platform contains a host of useful features that makes finding help easy. Some of the notable features include:

  1. Real stories: The real stories section features real experiences shared by people who have dealt with gambling problems in the past. These stories are shared to motivate others to seek help and understand the benefits of living without a gambling problem.  The real stories segment is also a forum for sharing your thoughts, asking important questions and giving other people facing gambling issues helpful advice.
  2. Seeking help: Understanding the issue and seeking help is the first step towards living without gambling issues. BigDeal features a section for people seeking help, where they can access all the helpful services available. The services include live chat and a direct phone number.
  3. Problem gambling section: The gambling issue will look different for each individual. A helpful way to look at it is if someone keeps on gambling even though it harms their lives. To provide more details on what problem gambling looks like, BigDeal includes information in the problem gambling segment.
  4. Videos: BigDeal offers videos that are helpful to those with problem gambling who relate better to video content.
  5. Parent and professional help: BigDeal provides assistance to professionals and parents dealing with young people. For more advice on engaging with young people to facilitate healthy gambling, parents and professionals can consult the parents and professionals section.

How Does BigDeal Help Problem Gamblers?

Many people seeking help may be interested in knowing exactly how they can get help from the big deal platform.  GamCare provides a variety of support and advice. If you want to talk to someone, you can do so by calling Freephone 0808 8020 133 on the National Gambling HelpLine, run by GamCare.

You can contact BigDeal through their 1-2-1 chat service if you would like to chat with a consultant online. The chat service offers confidential advice, data and emotional support to those experiencing gambling issues around Great Britain. By typing, you will speak to an adviser, and they will type back. A mobile, computer, laptop or desktop PC helps you to access the service. The consultant will even give you documents and links to read later, as well as read what the advisor types.

You can expect to be informed about your situation, get advice about how to manage your gambling, and get directions to the right people if you want more assistance.

According to BigDeal, all of the advisers available to help users are professionally qualified to provide those impacted by a gambling addiction with friendly, confidential advice. Also, no user is even needed to give an adviser their name, so you can rest assured that your privacy is respected. There is a promise that BigDeal is going to make things work for you. All that is required of you is to get in contact with them.

With all the features offered, it is much easier to find the sort of help you want because many self-help contents are made easily accessible on the BigDeal site. However, sometimes, people who are seeking help prefer a one on one consultation with a professional, rather than taking advantage of self-help materials or content.                                              

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