Buying and Taking Care of Anime Collectible Dvds

Anime is a very popular entertainment form. It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and it became a cult phenomenon after its popularity increased in America and Europe. Many people watch these movies and they are also considered collectibles.

Anime fans usually buy copies of these movies and watch them over and over again. They want to keep track of the progress of the story and if there is any extra content that may not be included in the original release. So, why do anime lovers collect such discs?

Why do people buy and collect Anime DVDs?

  • One reason for buying and collecting Anime DVDs is that they usually become collectible items. There are a lot of places where you can sell your collection. If you are planning to get rid of yours, then you might want to take good care of them before you decide to part with them. This includes keeping them away from direct sunlight, moisture, dust, and other conditions that can damage them.
  • Another reason people collect Anime DVDs is nostalgia. These movies and shows have a special place in Anime fans’ hearts. The storylines are nuanced and complex, despite being considered a “cartoon” for some. Most fans even re-watch their collections over and over and never get tired of them. 

Anime DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are a great way to own your favorite anime series, OVA, and full-length movies. Their physical characteristics give them a sense of rarity and value over time.

Whether you are a serious anime movie collector, or simply just a huge fan of such, here are some tips on how to organize and take care of your Anime DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. 

Categorize Your Anime DVD Collection

Anime DVDs are best categorized by genre, like action, adventure, drama, comedy, thriller, etc. But the DVD and Blu-ray disc catalogs also contain subcategories for more specific purposes. 

For example, you can have a subcategory for the best-rated action movies, one for the best-rated anime comedies, one for the best-rated anime sci-fi movies, etc. You can add your custom categories as well such as

ShonenFor young teen males
SeinenFor young adult males
ShojoFor young teen girls
JoseiFor young adult girls
KodomomukeFor children

Keeping your Anime collection categorized have so many advantages:

  • It’s easier to catalog them into their proper categories so when you look for them you don’t needlessly have to re-arrange everything. 
  • It looks better when there are labels for each category or subcategory. 
  • A well-organized collection is worth calling a “collection”, and not some random pile of stuff.

Anime DVD Collection Storage and Care Tips

Temperature and Relative Humidity

It’s important to keep DVDs and Blu-Rays at the right temperature and relative humidity for them to work correctly. If they are stored in a hot or humid environment, they will start to degrade faster. In addition, when they are exposed to heat and moisture, the glue holding the cover together may start to separate and the plastic may crack.

  • Light Exposure

Direct and sometimes even indirect sunlight damages DVDs because it contains the element of ultraviolet radiation, which is damaging to the chemical structure of the plastic. The best way to avoid this is to keep your discs in a cool, dark place. If you must leave them in sunlight, use a light-blocking cover or a UV-protective sleeve. 

Heat causes the plastic in the CD case to expand and possibly warp. The result of this is that the label may not be positioned correctly or the disc may become loose in the case. Also, don’t store them near a heat source such as an oven.

  • Moisture

Moisture damages the DVD’s playability because water build-up in the disc’s grooves can interfere with how the lasers read the grooves and convert it to data. 

  • Organic Solvents

Never wipe DVDs clean with harsh solvents such as benzene or acetone. Rubbing alcohol is fine since it dissolves pretty quickly and does not degrade the polycarbonate material of the disc.

DVD and Blu-Ray FAQ:

Q) How long do DVDs and Blu-Ray discs last?

A) Typically DVD and Blu-Ray Discs last for 30 to 100 years if stored and cared for properly. 

Q) Do DVDs get worn out to repeated usage?

A) It can degrade over time but not for the reasons of usage. Its photosensitive recording layers deteriorate by exposure to UV rays i.e. sunlight.

Q) Which is more durable, DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs?

A) According to most manufacturers, Blu-Ray Discs will technically last longer but both are safe archivable items.


While the market is growing at a steady pace, collecting Anime DVDs is still in its infancy. While there are currently hundreds of titles in existence, the number of available titles on the market is limited, and their scarcity drives their prices upward.

With limited inventory, anime collectors are paying higher prices for the available titles. However, the number of titles that are being released every month is steadily increasing. Nonetheless, Anime popularity is as popular as ever and it doesn’t seem that it’s going away anytime soon.

Taking good care of your Anime DVD collection is easy to do as long as you follow the tips above. You never know if your collection might go up in value in the future, so start caring for and storing them immediately.