Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 10 Essential Multiplayer Tips

If you are up for dominating the battlefield, then get set with your camo gear, sleeve tattoos, and rifles. That is because it is time again to go do your duty. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has come on the scene, and it is packing oodles of twitch-reflex-based shooting and kill-trading. 

While this game may seem like the classic franchise’s reboot, there are some brand new tricks that are up the sleeves of Captain Price. More features, game modes, new mechanics, and of course, new guns are what makes Call of Duty Modern warfare. Here are the top ten indispensable tips for thriving and surviving on the battlefield. 

  1. Slither like a snake in the grass 

Do you know that the tall grass in COD’s Modern Warfare has been designed for the sole thing: Cheap and sneaky kill farming! So, shimmy around, go prone, crouch, but keep the head low. This way, you are letting the grass work in your favor. Just like in a real battlefield, tall grass camouflages beautifully, so is the case here. Most players will move ahead without giving a glance at you.

That means a potential foliage camper like you can catch many kills by shooting people on the back as they run. You can also shoot them in the face when they run facing you. Either way, you will never be visible to them.      

  1. Optimize your loadouts 

The default loadouts of Modern Warfare are fine and give a fighting chance to the players. But, as you proceed up the ranks, unlocking more killstreaks, gadgets, attachments, and guns. It would be best if you began tinkering with your custom loadout. This way, you will have a specifically tailored unique kit for your needs.

You can add attachments like muzzles, scopes, pick guns, and select between different kinds of perks and secondary tools. Yes, the in-depth loadout personalization system of Modern Warfare lets you do all of that. Hence, ensure you are exploring your options. 

  1. Use or lose 

Call of Duty is a franchise based on kill trading, and Modern Warfare is not different. Maps here are designed in such a manner that for every enemy you take down, some other players will take you down. So, do not die with equipment and grenades intact. 

As reviewed by SideGamer, the odds of perishing in a standard Deathmatch round are high; Throw every gadget, Molotov, grenade, and gadget without pause. Lob a frag grenade into a room before entry, and propel a C4 in the air and explode it just for fun. 

These tools make sure that the map’s minuscule portion is free from any kind of enemy danger for a little while. Thus use all before you lose all. Remember that you will not get rewarded in Modern Warfare for making future preparations!

  1. Ease the reloads off

As per statistics, over 200 hundred COD players perish every 5 seconds because of a poorly timed reload. It is comprehensible that you want to be well prepared before partaking in a firefight. 

But, here you will never know when the subsequent firefight may be. Thus, to not get merc’d resist the reloading urge right till you are down to your last bullet. Find an enemy-free safe zone hedged by allies and reload there. 

  1. Play your objective seriously

Would you ever like a teammate who does not lead you to victory? That is the reason you may not like your fellow player in COD multiplayer. So, do the community of Modern warfare and your team a favor; always play the objective. Defend the team’s headquarters and seize the control point. 

  1. Tune default settings 

If your movements are unable to detect the enemies’ incoming and feel sluggish, the best fix is to check your game’s settings. Amp your settings up to the highest sensitivity degree. This way, you will be more lethal and move faster. Adjust the visual settings like brightness to have a winning edge.

  1. Use the Field upgrades

The latest addition to the loadouts in Call of Duty is the field upgrades. There are nine of them, and each one is different. Use them in combat to defeat your opponents. These skills are game-changing and rank you up in the multiplayer game. 

  1. Experiment with Gunsmith options 

There are several customization options in Modern Warfare. Thus, it gets trickier to choose the attachments. However, you must customize everything from the perks, rear grip, ammunition, underbarrel, stock, optics, laser, barrel, and weapon’s muzzle. 

  1. Aim for the headshots 

Aiming for the headshots increases the overall lethality. You will get the edge needed for winning the close firefights when you want them. Try to keep the sights at a headshot level when checking windows and sweeping enemies. Making this move will allow you to zap onto the enemies.

  1. Use the doors well 

Burst the doors down by rushing at them, aim down sights when peeking inside, or open them pressing the action button. Bursting through doors gives you the surprise element to shock your adversaries and also throw in a grenade or flashbang. 


Our most pivotal tip for players is to have fun. It is a game, after all. COD Modern Warfare is a fast-paced action game where movement and accuracy remains key. With the help of a good gaming PC, you can expect to have a much better KDA ratio than before. So, don’t let your PC hold you back and use the MVP’s PC Builder to get your rig set up right now! Do not sweat the bad losses, party up with your friends, and keep playing. We hope you liked our blog, and if there is anything you would like us to share, please do care to comment down below.