Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans send Activision a clear warning about supplies falling

Modern Warfare fans are clearly concerned about Activision’s influence on the next title, leading the community to issue a warning to publishers about future microtransactions through the drop in supplies

The Call of Duty franchise, as legendary as it is, has been marred in recent titles by questionable microtransaction structures that go beyond rewarding players with cosmetics or the like.

Players feel that competitive integrity in previous titles such as Black Ops 4 was compromised when the game began blocking “weapons powered by statistics or modifiers that increase statistics” behind the mechanization of monetization. This resulted in a battlefield that felt biased towards people who paid for a better team instead of having an equal and fair arsenal among all players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans send Activision a clear warning about supplies falling

With the news that Infinity Ward has changed the course of the “first player system” of Modern Warfare to one that will have weapons available to win in Supply Drops, the community is sounding the alarms so developers know that this is not going to Help the game in the long term.

“Activi $ ion needs to understand that community outrage was never due to game mechanics (loot boxes) or MTX (microtransactions) as a concept,” said Reddit user ‘HellcatJoker’. “… Indignation is about blocking weapons powered by statistics or modifiers that increase the statistics behind the slot machine.”

In clarifying their position, the community is fine with microtransactions in theory, as long as they do not provide any player with an advantage over their opponents.

However, the developer Infinity Ward (who created the original title of Modern Warfare) has said that the missions will be carried out worldwide. Returning to the most controversial stories of the original Modern Warfare titles, which featured scenes of undercover players and participating in terrorist atrocities, there is a mission in which players interrupt a terrorist attack in the West End of London and have to chase and kill the suspects

While the community would prefer that developers stick to the realism that Modern Warfare wants to offer when considering cosmetics, there are many options to explore when supporting the game after launch.

But they agree that the “unacceptable thing is to create special, exotic, one-shot weapons with a drop rate of 0.001% and hide them in the MTX lottery.”

Monetization practices “ruined” previous Call of Duty entries for many fans, and a little commitment from both publishers and fans is all that would be needed to keep Modern Warfare thriving after its release on the 25th of October

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