Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer wants to become adult Fortnite

COD Update: Call of Duty multiplayer feature includes two new trailers, including one that demos gameplay footage of the fresh 2v2 Gunfight mode.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a new version in every way imaginable, to make your multiplayer mode braver and bring devastating rewards of kill-streak.

You could say that multiplayer gameplay is returning to its roots, but it is also taking obvious signs of much newer games such as the free Fortnite Battle Royale phenomenon.
It will feature multiplatform multiplayer mode so that console players on PS4 and Xbox One can play with PC players. You will no longer have to consult your friends about the version they are buying to jump to the specific matches of the version.

Finally, we still don’t have a maximum player count, but the deadly clashes of 64 players are one thing and the Call of Duty team says their new game engine can easily be expanded to support larger player counts, although the new mode 2v2 is just so fun.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

Call of Duty wants to compete with the modern multiplayer arena with these features: multiplatform multiplayer, free season pass content and a much higher player count. But he also wants to risk his claim of being anti-fornite in some way.

“It’s not like superheroes,” said Infinity Ward head of study Patrick Kelly. “They are real soldiers, they are real types, they are real teams.”

Call of Duty New Gunfight mode :

The chaos of deathmatch massively multiplayer games can be fun, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare certainly has it, but the new Gunfight 2v2 mode feels restrictive in the best possible way. It relies heavily on accuracy.

He faces players against each other with the same exact weapon load. So if your two opponents have guns, you will too and you are a teammate. Each round of shooting randomly changes weapons, and everyone has the same arsenal.

The maps are deliberately small, so it makes coincidences fast and accuracy counts. A lot of contraction game will happen in this type of game, and that acts as a good training for new COD players, or those who haven’t played multiplayer in a long time.

Call of Duty Gameplay New Changes :

You won’t find zombies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare; That has never been in the spirit of this more realistic game. That has always been more a Black Ops thing.

You’ll find a new Spec Ops mode and more tactical gameplay across the multiplayer mode. For the first time, you can mount your heavy weapons to stabilize them in the windows and against the walls, and then cleanly sweep the rooms.

Night vision is here like never before, allowing you to put on easy-to-equip glasses on demand and dramatically change night game maps. Players who are accustomed to placing laser sights on their weapons are immediately ejected.

The new tactical sprint and door opening movements are also meant to add a twist to your approach when confronting enemies, especially in limited games of 2 against 2 and 6 against 6. They are faster and less chaotic, in the good sense.

Are these changes enough to compete with Fortnite when it comes to attracting an audience that has moved to Battle Royale games? We’ll know after Modern Warfare returns to a decidedly different video game battlefield on October 25.

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