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Call of Duty Warzone Voice Chat not working, issue recognized officially : Hare is Guide How to Fix

Infinity Ward recently released a new update forWarzone and Modern Warfare. The new patch brought new content and fixed previously reported bugs. But it seems that some new bugs have arrived in both titles.

According to several reports, voice chats inCall of DutyWarzone and Modern Warfare are not working properly. The players also mentioned that other in-gamechat features are having problems besides voice chat. Don’t worry, and many users face the same problem; you are not alone.

  • Well, Activision first addressed the issue while responding to a comment. A user has asked developers to resolve the issue in the game chat. In response to a tweet, Activision support stated that the team was aware of the problem and will be fixed in the next patch update.

Fix: Call Of Duty Warzone Mic And Voice Chat Not Working

No Chat Audio In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone – Double Check Settings

If you are cannot be heard in chat on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (or Call of Duty: Warzone), but your headset’s mic is working well with other devices, Xbox Party Chat, or other programs (on PC),please do the following:

1. Open COD: Modern Warfare/COD: Warzone

2. Within the game itself, access yourOptionsMenu

3. Navigate to “Audio

4. SetVoice Chatto “Enabled

5. SetOpen Mic Recording Thresholdto a minimum. Setting this too high may prevent your voice from being heard by other players.

NOTE FOR PC Players:If you have the push-to-talk option within the Audio Menu turned to “ON”, please be sure you’re aware of exactly what button you’d need to press to activate your microphone.

6. Save those settings and attempt to play a game.

How to fix Mic And Voice Chat Not Working issue in Call of Duty Warzone?

The first thing you should do is check the input and output settings and ensure everything is configured correctly. Also, note that the input device will be what you use to talk to, while the output device will listen to game sounds.

Users who have problems with in-game chat not working may have multiple output devices or enable an incorrect input device.

You can fix the problem by following the steps below.

For PlayStation 4 or Xbox One users, the audio settings can be placed under “Settings” or “Audio Devices” depending on the platform. For computer users, you will need to go to Settings, Sound> Voice control panel> Operation> Headphones or virtual speakers> Recording> Microphone. Once you get here, you’ll need to disable the additional input devices. You’ll also need to lower the microphone threshold to zero and increase the microphone volume in the Call of Duty audio settings.

How to Turn on CrossPlay Voice Chat on Call of Duty Modern Warfare or WARZONE

Do you want to enable or enable voice chat while playing in Call of Duty Modern Warfare or CALL OF DUTY WARZONE! There are two sections that you must select to enable interception. First, enable voice chat in Voice settings, then go to the Account tab and confirm.

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We hope that our guide on how to fix the error Chat does not work in Call of Duty Warzone is very useful for you and can solve this problem; please note that it is a new game and that the developers are working to solve all the problems that arise.

Modern Warfare Warzone is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC. Stay tuned to TheGameRoof for the latest Modern Warfare Warzone content drop news for the game.