Can Gamstop Customers Claim Free Bonuses?

The world of gambling has been through a lot of ups and downs till online gambling emerged only at the later end of the last century. The introduction of online gambling to the world has been a game-changer. This pulled in millions of gamers and wagerers from all over the world given how convenient it is to gamble from one’s comfortable space. 

Furthermore, online casinos offer free bonuses like no deposit bonuses and free spins to lure in gamblers online. And punters started investing every dime and indulged in rash gambling, often turning bankrupt and addicted. This meant a larger exposure to wagering websites without any filters or cap to control gambling. This is where names like Gamstop fit in.

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme wherein gamblers can self-impose boundaries if they sense a risk of addiction to online gambling. Companies like Gamstop partner with the online casinos licensed with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) to ensure that addicted gamblers cannot access any of these betting sites for a pre-determined self-exclusion period. 

The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited operates Gamstop which allows players to register themselves using their

  • date of birth
  • postcode
  • e-mail address

Residents of the UK and Northern Ireland can make use of this scheme for free. However, after registering on Gamstop, gamblers may not be able to enjoy quite a few benefits. In this article, we will get to know whether Gamstop customers can avail free bonuses or not. If a player wishes to explore free bonus offers anyway, they can try the no deposit non-Gamstop casino offers for UK players via Those gambling sites provide amazing service and attract thousands of new players with excellent welcome packages.  

What are Free Bonuses?

Free bonuses are exactly what they seem to be – bonuses offered by online casinos for free, this is a popular catch among many gambling companies. Mostly, in order to avail of a promotional offer or bonus offer, one requires to register themselves on the online casino and consequently make a deposit of a minimum amount. For free bonuses, even though the registration part is necessary, the deposit is not.

Free casino bonuses are of two types:

  1. No deposit bonus
  2. Free spins
  3. Coupon Codes
  4. Free Slots Bonus

The No Deposit Bonus is one where the gambler does not need to make a deposit in order to claim the bonus offer. Similarly, free spins are bonuses that may be given to a gambler when they sign up with a casino for the first time. The same applies to coupon codes and free slots bonus. However, the difference between slot bonuses and bonus offers is that slot bonuses are bonus offers on specific slot games on the gambling website.

No matter what the bonus offer may be, there are certain terms and conditions attached to them and a wagering requirement may be one. Regardless of what the promotion or bonus maybe, players registered with Gamstop may or may not be allowed to make use of these offers. 

Are Free Bonus Offers Available for Everyone?

If you are a registered player on an online casino, then you can make use of the free bonus offers. In short, the answer to the question is yes. The conditions are:

  1. You require to register on the online casino
  2. You should be a first time user of the platform.

In cases where the casino makes bonus offers available for old players as well as new, the free bonus offers are really available for one and all. Otherwise, it is usually implied that free bonus offers are meant for new players on an online gambling platform.

Are Gamstop Players Allowed to Make Use of Free Bonuses?

Considering the fact that Gamstop aims to allow players to self-exclude from gambling websites by restricting their time online, it is fair to assume that the Gamstop players will not be allowed to make use of free bonus offers. Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that works to stop and control gambling addiction which is something that has been a threat to many players worldwide.

Free bonus offers essentially allow punters the opportunity to gamble away without having to deposit any money, Thus, this acts as a window to indulge in the act of gambling easily. As a result, Gamstop discourages the use of the free bonus offers on online casinos. However, as mentioned earlier, punters can always opt for the offshore Non-Gamstop casinos to avail the range of free bonuses.

Concluding Thoughts

Gamstop is an air-tight scheme that works really well for people who do wish to make use of it judiciously. Thus, the terms and conditions around the scheme are very strict. Even though you may not be allowed to make use of free bonus offers via Gamstop, you can try off-shore non-Gamstop casinos for free offers.