Chrono Cross Character Tier List (April 2022)

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition remaster is finally here after a long wait. The converter adds many features like better sound and music quality, quality of life improvements, and more. So this is a really good time to complete the game, whether you are new to this or a returning player. So if you’ve lost touch with the game, here are the best characters to choose from in the Chrono Cross Character Tier list.

Is This Tier List important?

Erick Landon RPG has done a lot of videos on the game, including full runs and some with a lot of in-depth details. It is one of his favorite games, as per his videos. So we think his opinions on the Chrono Cross Character Tier List matter.

We rated Funguy & Sneff a level B according to what we think they should be. This can vary for different players as some may consider them to be of a higher category, and others may rank them lower. So it is up to your choice. For the rest of the 43 characters, we’ve stayed true to Erick Landon RPG’s opinions.

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Here is a Chrono Cross Tier list of all the characters according to Erick Landon RPG (YT) that should also work with Radical Dreamers Edition:

S TierSergeSilent Protagonist
S TierLynxFeline Demi-human
S TierKarshOne of the 4 Devas
S TierGlennNoble Knight
S TierHarleEnigmatic Jester
S TierGrobycCyborg Assassin
S TierOrlhaGladiatrix Barkeep
A TierKidMysterious Traveler
A TierGuileMasked Magician
A TierNikkiRockin’ Bard Superstar
A TierFargoPirate Captain
A TierLeenaSweet Country Gal
A TierJaniceBunny-Girl Trainer
A TierSpriggLovable Old Lady
A TierGrecoPsychic Ex-Wrestler
A TierSkellySkeleton Clown
B TierNorrisBlack Wind Leader
B TierViperLord of El Nido
B TierRiddelLady of Viper Manor
B TierZoahOne of the 4 Devas
B TierMarcyDiva of the 4 Devas
B TierRazzlyA Forest Fairy
B TierZappaObstinate Blacksmith
B TierOrchaFiery Cook
B TierRadiusArni Village Chief
B TierMikiDancer Extraordinaire
B TierDraggyCute Baby Dragon
B TierMojoCursed Voodoo Doll
B TierIrenesLate Zelbess’s Sister
B TierLeahCave Girl
B TierSteenaShrine Maiden
B TierFunguyMushroom Man
B TierSneffAged Illusionist
C TierKorchaFisherman & Ferryman
C TierLucciaScientific Genius
C TierPoshulThe Wonder Dog
C TierMachaGutsy Mother of 2
C TierStarkyA Stray Gray
C TierTurnipA Total Vegetable
C TierMelDoodling Brat
D TierNeoFioA Flower Child
D TierVanPenny-wise Artist
D TierDocVillage Physician
D TierPierreSelf-proclaimed Hero
D TierPipGuinea Pig Experiment