City of Titans Getting Launcher Including the Game, Avatar Builder is coming

Missing Worlds Media, the developer behind City of Titans has announced that the game will receive a dedicated launcher along with an Avatar Builder. The developer has also announced that they will open their Second Chance online store, which will give players another chance to enter the sponsor list if they miss the opportunity the first time.

The pitcher will arrive within the next two weeks and the first version of the game will also arrive with the pitcher. The City of Titans launcher will launch in several waves to ensure that players do not experience network problems during the download phase. The Second Chance web store and Avatar Builder will also arrive with the launcher. The second opportunity will allow developers to accelerate game production.

The developer has also revealed some of the key issues that the standalone Beta version of Avatar Builder contains in the current phase. We have listed them below.

  • GUI-Gray dot shows ‘test’ when moused over (resolved)
  • Sliders- Abdominal adjustment slider has no effect on Female Model (resolved)
  • Sliders- Hunchback slider has no effect on Female model (resolved)
  • Headwear- Football helmet deforms according to ear sliders (resolved)
  • Material Menu- Color selection does not always match preview.
  • Sliders- Slider values not defaulted to zero will jump to the number when moved.
  • Eyes- eye height clips through top of eyes at extreme values.
  • Auras- not all auras are active.
  • Stances- Animation State – does not reset with overall character reset

Some of the problems mentioned in the previous list as solved will arrive in a future update since the first version will not be free of them. After launching and fully integrating the Avatar Builder, other sections of the game will continue to reach the game as they are ready for Beta. As always, the developer will be waiting for their sponsors to receive comments and comments in a dedicated forum for sponsors.

For more information, you can check out the City of Titans at Patreon and follow the developer on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Stay tuned to TheGameRoof for the latest City of Titans patch notes, and content drop news for the game.


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