Crash Bandicoot On The Run (also known as Crash Bandicoot Mobile) is a new adventure of the famous character, the first available on smartphones and tablets after numerous successes on consoles.But how do you download Crash On The Run?

Scroll on to explore exotic and unspoiled places. Customize Crash and Coco with wacky skins, build an arsenal of beautiful weapons, and race to win rewards.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile:

Crash Bandicoot On The Run is an endless runner game(Subway Surfers and Temple Run style), Very popular type on mobile platforms. Present the microtransactions (optional) to buy skins and speed up the passage of time or buy virtual currency, as happens in almost all free to play games.

How to download Crash Bandicoot On The Run

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is free on the App Store and Google Play, below are the download links

The download of this app contains only part of the game data. Additional content will be installed when the app is opened.

The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and almost all Android smartphones on the market, although obviously on newer devices it will be possible to enjoy better performance. The download is free andthe microtransactions are optional, so you can play Crash Bandicoot On The Run without having to spend absolutely anything.