Destiny 2: How to Fix One Fell Strike Bug

One Fell Strike is a triumph to complete in this year’s Guardian Games of Destiny 2, but it seems to implement a specific bug. Not only that, but the bug itself is quite strange, which we will mention below, and also how to actually get rid of it, at least temporarily. 

Sure there will be some sort of fix from Bungie in the next few days, but until then we’ll see how you can work around it.

Fix One Fell Strike Bug In Destiny 2

For the One Fell Strike Triumph, you need to get 50 kills in a single strike. This is pretty easy and can be completed with little effort. However, due to the infamous bug with the specific Triumph, it’s a lot harder than it should be. What these hiccups do is that if you do another kill after reaching 50 kills, the tracker will go back to the beginning. And that continues as long as you exceed that number. As a result, the task never seems to complete as the system takes into account the last number of kills you have.

This is both weird and annoying. To actually complete this triumph, a temporary solution is to get that exact number of kills, which is 50 in total, and then return that quest without continuing the blow. This is certainly frustrating and hampers your teammates’ game session on this particular blow, but unfortunately, it is your best bet if you want to get rid of that triumph asap. 

There is no doubt that the team behind Destiny 2 is already working on a solution to this problem, but until then, the above method is your only surefire way to complete this.

Destiny 2 is available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.