Destiny 2 New Season 13 – Goodbye to Season 12 on February 9th

Destiny 2 says goodbye to Season 12 on February 9th. You have to say goodbye to tokens, forays and weapons. The fresh Destiny section brings new loot and fresh activities for the Guardians to let off steam.

Bungie announced the next update to Destiny 2 – Server Down and Patch 3.1.0 on February 9th 2021. Here’s everything you need to know, Destiny 2 Update 3.1.0 and Server Down on February 9.

Should I exploit the old season pass?

What to do with the rest of the content from the Season 12 Season Pass is heating up people:

  • Some say: Get everything out of your passport now! The highlights are: Legendary armor with high status values, the Ascendant Fragment and exotic engrams
  • Others say: leave the stuff in and “save” it for season 13. In the new season you can also claim your stuff and then have more up-to-date equipment. However, you have to go to the website:

Say goodbye to 22 weapons and other errands

With the start of season 13, the sun setting, the ceasefire, will be relevant again. 22 weapons from the era of Saint-14 (Season 9) can then no longer keep up in current activities.

Anyone who suffers from chronic vault lack of space can therefore part with these creakers. Alternatively, you can still use them in the normal melting pot or run them in low-level content.

Get your booty of war: Even soloists without raid experience are worth a trip to the Tiefsteinkrypta raid .

  • At least the first chest from the deep stone crypt can be browsed alone in a few minutes.
  • You only collect 10 conquest loot per character, but you just have to go into the raid and drive some Sparrow.
  • So sooner or later you will have enough resources to get powerful Exotics like Anarchy without ever having laid a raid boss.

That’s still pending before Season 12 ends

  • Claim a title: If you have won the two prestigious titles “Spotless” (Trials) and “Conqueror” (Trial by Fire) in Season 12, you can also claim them. If you oversleep, you’ll have to unlock the title again next season. Since the title system is being revised, some Guardians are doing it anyway.
  • Collect rewards: Some Bungie Rewards content can no longer be claimed. The expiration date has been set for February 12th in most cases. So if you want a Falkenmond replica, shirts or other goodies from the store, you have to hurry.
  • You can find the Bungie Reward Page here:
  • Securing the rocket launcher: As mentioned in our ” 6 things you should still do in Season 12 ” article, you should get yourself a good rocket launcher. The power weapons get a 30% buff and the swords are 15% weaker.
  • If you have reached Gambit rank 2, a very good roll of “Bad Omen” is waiting for everyone to buy from Vagabunden. Otherwise, the “sub-zero volley” from the European arsenal (Variks) could be a real insider tip

Source (s): Fallout Plays on YouTube