Disney Plans to Sell FoxNext?

FoxNext, the Disney games division that brought us, Marvel Strike Force, is reportedly planning a sale, while Disney CEO Mr. Robert Iger says he wants to get out of the gaming industry completely . This game development studio was created in 2017, as an arm of 21st Century Fox, and focused on entertainment, virtual reality and virtual reality projects based on location.

Disney bought the studio only last year, as part of a large acquisition of Fox assets worth $ 71B in total, and now, after its lucrative commercial success with Marvel Strike Force, the division is scheduled for sale.

Official reports indicate that Robert Iger provoked the sale decision with his own intention to leave the business, despite the fact that FoxNext officials, such as Kevin Mayer, the direct boss to the client, expressed their desire to stay and retain the division. Marvel Strike Force was developed as a free video game, but with its in-app transactions, it has generated more than $ 150 million in revenue just one year after its launch in March 2018.

Many are linking this movement with Disney’s past decisions to destroy Disney Infinity and its Avalanche studio in 2016, and recognize it as its general attitude towards the gaming industry. Since 2016, Disney preferred to license its projects to other interested parties, but they still kept FoxNext along with some remaining remnants.

Now, the ship seems to be officially coming down since we have no other information about what will happen to other employees or their projects.

Marvel's Spider-Man Game Of The Year Edition Released
Marvel’s Spider-Man Game Of The Year Edition Released

Marvel Strike Force is a mobile role-playing game that FoxNext developed for iOS and Android platforms. The game was launched in March 2018 worldwide and brought licensed Marvel characters and content in a fun package to all corners of the world.

After the gross revenue of the $ 150 million game mentioned above, it continued to grow and develop, with new characters and modes that only complemented its commercial and critical success. However, with the sale of the studio by Disney, one wonders if the game will still be alive.

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