Download BETA PUBG MOBILE 0.15.4 for Android

PUBG Mobile 0.15.4 beta is now available. And you can simply download and enjoy the game on your smartphone. The new beta update brought a lot of new features

The mobile version of Tencent Games’ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is ready to launch the new update 0.15.4 and will bring a lot of changes, as the beta version suggests. PUBG Cellular 0.15.4 Beta Update: Time 10, Workforce Deathmatch Ruins Map, MP5K Gun.

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PUBG NEWS: PUBG Latest Update 1.25 Patch Notes 10th October Read What is New

PUBG MOBILE is a fantastic adaptation of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS where you will enjoy hours of play in various modes, either alone or in a team. An additional advantage is that if you choose the team option, you can chat live with your friends in the game to coordinate your movements, through the microphone of your smartphone.

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This beta update is really huge for the community. Many new features have arrived. And it is expected that when the final version arrives, many new strategies will emerge. The game will be much more competitive and the strategy will be at the center of game mechanics.

You can download PUBG Mobile 0.15.4 Update from the previous link, so download it from there and also don’t forget to give feedback to the developers, since the main reason for the Beta versions is to get the feedback from the players and correct the errors and the problem they face, so that these problems do not persist in the global launch.

There is only one problem with the international version of PUBG Mobile for Android: the international version of the game is always months away from the Asian edition in terms of game updates. In fact, many players choose to play the Asian version just for that reason. Fortunately, Tencent and Blue Studio seem to have taken note of this fact and have just launched a new beta channel that greatly shortens the time between one version and the other. Now we finally have the opportunity to test the latest functions without the language barrier getting in our way.

Download PUBG Mobile Update Beta Version 0.15.4


  • License Free
  • Category Action/Adventure
  • Language English(35 more)
  • Package Namecom.tencent.igce
  • Date 21.10.19

Official BETA version of PUBG

PUBG Mobile Update Beta Version 0.15.4 Download Link

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