EA Promises to Fix Career Mode Bug That ruin the game

EA has promised to fix the bugs which have plagued the career mode in their new iteration of FIFA. The developers have published a Q&A section that accepts the problems and promises to fix them.

FIFA 20 is the best game for football fans and has high expectations. FIFA 19 was not a great EA release and fans expected proper follow-up from FIFA 20. However, it seems that EA ruined the career mode in a big way. According to many users, the career mode cannot be played and there is a fuss on Twitter with the hashtag trend #FixCareerMode.

He could not provide a time scale for corrections, but said “it will not be immediate.” The first FIFA 20 patch is already locked and loaded, so you cannot add changes to the race mode, he explained.

According to the indicated problems, the best AI-controlled teams are poorly classified (teams that generally perform exceptionally in the leagues are being relegated), teams start with poor lineups in important matches, the number of games per week is abnormally high after reprogramming, dynamic potential changes for unrealistic players, position changes after editing the team, easy playability even on maximum difficulty and absurd questions at press conferences.

Career Mode Dynamic Growth Not Working

The other structures of the league such as the UEFA Europa League are malfunctioning. The rest of the league after the teams win the Europa League and are promoted to the UEFA Champions League.

EA has published solutions to some problems, but most problems will be fixed after a distant patch update. The company has not published any date for a possible patch update to fix all issues. They are currently investigating and receiving user feedback.

Additional Career Mode Bugs

The selection of the AI team favors random players instead of the usual starting eleven.

Combine combustion with two or three matches within three to four days.

Massive technical problems regarding player edition.

Interviews are boring and are not based on match scores in some cases.

The overall presentation feels incredibly bad and often breaks the dive.

FIFA 20 was not expected to have such a difficult start, but the developer team is working hard to combat the situation. It is difficult to determine if these stumbling blocks will affect the reputation of the game in the long term, but EA has to put things in order if they want to stay on top of the soccer simulator competition.