eSports Gambling 101

Since online gambling became popular, we have seen it take on different types and variations. One of the most popular types of online gambling in recent times is eSports gambling. eSports started out as a simple underground sporting event. But since the last few years, eSports have grown rapidly to become one of the favorite niches among an elite group of gamblers.

Their popularity has earned them a place in the online sportsbooks of some of the gambling greats such as 888sports and Bet365.

Here at The Game Roof, our aim with this article is to give you the basics and information on the world of eSports gambling, the different forms of eSports, and how to play them.

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What Are eSports? 

eSports, also popularly called electronic sports, is a type of sporting competition that makes use of video games. The competition typically consists of an organized form of play between two players. Players can also form themselves into teams of two or more to play the games.

Organized eSport competitions have been around for a long time although purely at an amateur level. It wasn’t until the late 2000s that it became a huge feature in video game events and popular culture. Its popularity reached a staggering height due to the participation by spectators and professional games via live streaming of the events.

Since the 2010s, eSports have become an integral part of the video game industry. Many game makers have also made substantial contributions to their growth by providing structure and money for various eSport tournaments.

Some popular eSport games include CSGO, League of Legends, Starcraft, WarCraft, Call of Duty, and Fortnite.

CSGO is receiving a worthy attention among eSports enthusiasts. The growing popularity of CSGO gambling has earned it a top place in many eSports gambling sites. CSGO gambling payout so far, is about $96.5 million. 

Types of eSports 

eSports are generally grouped into four main types or categories. Each of these types is different in the organization and gameplay. We will discuss them below:

  1. PvP

PvP, which stands for player versus player, suggests that one or a team will play against another individual player or a team. A typical example is the Mortal Kombat video game, where two characters controlled by each of the players fight against each other.

Although this used to be the most basic and popular form of eSport, it has lost its relevance among players. As we will see below, the PvP style of play has since moved to other forms.

  1. RTS 

The second form of eSport is called real-time strategy or RTS. It is a newer variant of the PvP version. In the RTS versions, players usually play with a strategy. You may recognize this style of play from games such as WarCraft. Here, players are given the same tools and resources at the beginning of the game as well as the same backdrop.

The primary aim for each player is to create a very strong defense and build an empire that can defeat the opponent. In real-time strategy play, you can see a backdrop with multiple opponents anywhere from 2 to 8.

  1. MOBA 

MOBA stands for a multiplayer online battle arena. This type of eSports is not as complicated as people make it out to be. It also incorporates a similar style as the real-time strategy. In RTS, the gameplay is usually between one player versus another player, whereas, in MOBA, the game is set up between teams. These teams can have up to four players playing against each other. League of Legends is a popular game that uses this style of play.

  1. FPS

FPS stands for first-person shooter and is known as one of the most common forms of eSport. Here, one player will be in control of a character in the game. Two popular games with such playing styles are Call of Duty and Go.

Here, the player sees the world of the game through the lens of the character.

How To Bet On eSports 

Betting on eSports takes the same approach as betting on other sporting events. The most common wagering option on eSports is betting on a match win or a match-winner. This wagering option is usually known by different names on various gambling platforms.

For instance, on William Hill, this type of odd is known as Straight. On BetEasy, it is usually known as by the wager name Head-to-Head. The gameplay is simple. All you simply do is place your bet on which player or team you think has the highest chance of winning.

The odds for each player or team will usually give you a clue. Odds with lower values usually have a higher chance of winning than odds with bigger values. So it takes expertise and a few other factors to decide which side is worth placing your money on.

Also, betting odds usually come in different forms for eSports. Some odds come in decimal formats, while others come in the form of fractions (common with American sportsbooks). Decimal odds are usually the most popular types of odds-on eSports betting.

Remember, you must be 18 and above to sign up and play eSports.