Essential terms in case you will visit a casino

A large number of people prefer to play casino games through the website. Gambling games on the website are not a bit different from the game in a real casino, not in excitement, nor in the heat of passion. Playing casino games online is more convenient, because then you can be in any convenient location for themselves without thinking about what you’re wearing and not thinking about their appearance. I play as convenient for me!

To play casino games online, as well as in casinos located in gambling zones, the following terms are used:

  • Ante (ante) — the initial mandatory bet;
  • Bet (bet) — the bet committed by the player in the game;
  • Call — a player continues the game by making an additional bet;
  • Raise — Increase the stake to two or more times the opponent’s stake;
  • Surrender — Refusing to play, when a player loses half of his/her stake;
  • Fold — A player discards his/her cards without the right to receive even part of his/her Bet;
  • Hand — A set of cards held by the Dealer or a player;
  • Deal — The beginning of dealing cards;
  • Hit — To get a new card;
  • Roll — To start (roll) in games with dice.

Basically these terms concern card games (such as poker and its variants), but we also suggest you familiarize with terminology according to gambling games.

Basic terms when playing gambling games

The basic terms can include the following:

  • Player (player) — a person who is and plays in the casino (including online);
  • Slot (slot) — a slot machine. Another version of the term «Video Slots»;
  • Reel — the main part, which displays the symbols;
  • Spin (spin) — the button that starts the сasino games (start the drum);
  • Symbol — certain pictures, which make up the winning lines;
  • Payline — combination of consecutively placed symbols;
  • Wild-symbol is a symbol that can replace any picture in the line;
  • Scatter — increasing the payouts;
  • Deposit — to deposit your account opened at casino games;
  • JackPot — a very large win (a large sum of money), which can be won when matching a particular combination of paylines on the reel. Initially, the jackpot amount starts from a certain minimum and gradually increases due to deductions from players’ bets. It increases until the jackpot is hit.

Together with the experts of Fancasinos we suggest you learn their interpretations and meanings so that your Blackjack game, especially if you’re getting to know it for the first time, will be clearer and therefore more interesting.

It’s actually a very simple game. And if you’ve already mastered the basic combinations and types of bets, know the specific terminology and gestures and are willing to trust your luck, you should do well.

Blackjack: Terms

  • Bankroll — total game capital player;
  • Blackjack — the name of a popular card game and also the strongest combination in it, which is formed by combining an Ace and any card with a face value of 10 points;
  • Break — The same as bust;
  • A bust is an over-card draw, i.e., cards give a combination with more than 21 points;
  • Double down — A situation where a player, given the opportunity, decides to double his/her bet;
  • Draw — In Blackjack, this word is used by a player when he asks the dealer to deal him an extra card;
  • Edge — A common expression for all gambling games, referring to someone’s mathematical advantage;
  • Face cards — Cards that give 10 points in Blackjack (tens, jacks, queens and kings). In our country such cards are called face cards or pieces;
  • A Hard hand is a hand in which there is an Ace, which in this situation is taken as the bearer of one point. Or a Hand that contains no Aces at all;
  • High roller — A player who plays at the highest odds in Blackjack;
  • Hit — When a player receives one additional card;
  • Hole cards — All cards which are dealt face up in Blackjack;
  • Natural 21 — The combination of an Ace and any card which totals 21 points;
  • Push — A draw in a round;
  • Soft hand — a hand with an Ace giving 11 points at the moment of the round (i.e. when overcall, the Ace may be transformed into a card giving 1 point);
  • Split — splitting one hand into several hands. This is usually encountered when a player has a pair of cards of equal value in his hand;
  • Stand — an expression used by a player wishing to leave the cards currently available as his final combination. After Standing the Dealer has the turn;
  • Surrender — In some varieties of Blackjack, this term means that the player has decided to surrender (having this option). After refusing to fight he gets back half of his bet;
  • Tie — Another term for a draw in a hand;
  • Twenty-one — A combination of any number of cards that add up to 21 points. In some countries this is the name of the game of blackjack.

In addition to these terms, avid gamblers also use other terminology. For the beginner there will be enough basic terms.