Everything We Know About World of Warcraft: Dragonflight So Far

After Blizzard announced the release of the new expansion, a lot of players are looking forward to more details about what to expect. At the moment, it is not known when players would be able to delve into the new story, but what is certain is that it will be something exciting to look forward to. The most interesting thing is that most of the changes will relate to what many players have been asking the developers for a long time. 

We’ll talk about what we know about Dragonflight so far and talk about all the new features related to professions, races, and more. 

New race and class 

The first thing that may already please players around the world is that the new addition will allow you to choose a new race, offering immersion in a new world, as well as rethinking your entire gaming experience. Almost every expansion has introduced something new in terms of races and classes, but the upcoming expansion will offer something completely different. 

Let’s start with the fact that a new race will appear. It will be called the Dracthyr. They are animated creatures that are a mixture of a flying dragon, as well as a person. This race was created by one of the most powerful black dragons. Many may already know about Neltharion as he was one of the final bosses in Cataclysm. This race will allow players in the future, as they progress through the game, to turn into a dragon. That’s not all, though, as players will be able to customize their character from a variety of settings, as well as choose a dragon flight. 

A new race creates a new class. This new class will be the so-called Evoker. Only players who have chosen a new race will be able to select this class. 

Who is the Evoker? Characters belonging to this class have the characteristics of healing, as well as dealing great damage in ranged combat. Moreover, everyone will be able to see how the nature of dragons will manifest itself in battles with enemies. Enemies will run away from you in a hurry after they see that you will fly up to them on powerful wings, and also deal with them with your fiery breath. 

New graphics 

While you’re still trying to improve your skill to complete all the dungeons available in the game’s latest expansion, at the Mythic level, the developers are already claiming that the upcoming expansion will receive improved graphics. By the way, those who can’t finish the dungeons at the highest level of difficulty on their own can use WoW Mythic Boost, thanks to which you can get updated equipment, as well as valuable loot. 

There will be a revival of Azeroth, especially in its older zones. Many players have been adamant for a long time that old zones like Northrend or the Eastern Kingdoms should be left untouched, as many players liked their picturesque views. However, the time has come to abandon the outdated graphics in the game. Since the release of the game, these areas have remained untouched, but shortly, the game will receive a breath of fresh air. All elements and models will be redesigned and will look modern. It is not yet clear whether this is good or bad. It will be possible to find out only after the release of the expansion. 

Professions and crafting 

The issue of professions has been given special attention since the release of the game. Each character strives to improve their equipment, potions, or enchantments, and create various items to develop in their professional field. 

Soon everything will improve for the better. Item crafting has been a living hell for many players. However, after the release of the future expansion, each player will be able to easily get the item they need. You can ask artisans, your friends in the game, as well as teammates so that they can craft the item you need for you.  

If you are a crafting master, you will also be able to sell the items. Crafting items can be a good way to earn extra money since the cost of items will depend on what resources and materials you will use. 

UI and HUD 

The information provided on the screen for the players was not always very convenient to use. Many players had to install additional third-party add-ons to change the display layout. UI and HUD have not undergone any major changes for a long time, which caused the indignation of many players. 

In the new addition, the negative feedback from the players will be taken into account. The game will receive an updated user interface. You will no longer need to install third-party add-ons to change an existing layout.  

Flight mechanics 

Anyone who has flown Mounts knows that the animation leaves a lot to be desired. The very possibility of flying on mounts is surprising, but the way it looks does not cause admiration. The old animation has remained unchanged for many years, so there are some problems in terms of mechanics and visual implementation in the game. 

Soon, we will not only learn about the rich history of dragons, but we will be able to ride them. With regards to this new mount, you can expect animations to be greatly improved. However, it is not yet known whether these changes will affect all other flying creatures. 


No one knows yet how soon the new expansion will become available, because, judging by the changes that we know about at the moment, developers will need a lot of time to implement them. However, all players are eagerly waiting for Blizzard to reveal even more details about the next major expansion.