Examsnap Microsoft AZ-104 Certification Exam – What Has Changed Over the Time?

There is no second opinion that obtaining a certification is the smartest move to make to advance the labor market’s worth and significance. However, it’s equally important that the certification syllabus keeps abreast of technological advances and updates skills as per the prevailing industry demand http://www.exam-labs.com. 

Keeping the same thing in mind, Microsoft has modified the content of some of its crucial exams. And the AZ-104 Exam is amongst them. These changes went live on May 25, 2021. So, if acing this exam is on your bucket list then this article is just the right thing for you as it throws light on the key changes done. 

The All-New Microsoft AZ-104 is here!

All the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate aspirants, attention, please! The older exam version i.e. Examsnap AZ-103 has been succeeded by an all-new AZ-104. The exam was launched and has become a hit amongst the IT pros. Let’s figured out what all has been changed and what’s like before. 

  • Updates are done in audience profile and perquisites 

As you know, the earlier version, AZ-103, demanded the aspirant to be equipped enough to handle the storage, security, networking, and computing aspects of cloud services while having an in-depth understanding of the full IT lifecycle. 

But as per the latest updates, the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam aspirant is the one who has sufficient expertise in monitoring, implementing, and managing the Microsoft Azure environment. 







Moreover, having 6 months of practical experience in Azure workload administration, Azure security, workloads, governance, and technologies like Azure CLI, PowerShell, and Azure Resource Manager templates is a must now. It was not imposed in the earlier versions. 

  • Improved Exam Domains 

There is no point in launching a new version of the exam domains that haven’t got an update as per the ever-changing industry needs. So, things have changed on this front as well. Skills related to creating administrative units have been added in the exam domain concerning Examsnap Azure AD objects.

In the monitoring and troubleshoot virtual networking sub-domain, candidates will now demonstrate their awareness about configuring and using Azure Monitors for Networks. Earlier, test-takers had to know about Network Performance Monitor use. 

As well, the previous exam version overlooked the importance of Azure governance and given negligible importance to this crucial factor. Exam AZ-104 didn’t commit the same mistake. Therefore, configuration skills required for Azure policies, resource locks, and subscriptions are covered extensively on the final exam. 

Finally, a whole new section, monitor and back up Azure resources, has been added in the current exam version. In this section, examinees will show their abilities related to using Azure Monitor to evaluate the resource and configure log analytics, metrics, text alerts, and the like elements. 

Ending Notes 

It’s not a secret that having the latest and refreshed skillset or a deeper subject matter understanding is the only way to thrive in the evolving IT industry. Thus, the Examsnap Microsoft Azure specialists who need to polish their expertise can take up the latest Microsoft AZ-104 accreditation exam and stand out from the crowd. Especially since after the up-to-date changes, it has become more worthy.