Facebook Pay is available in the US today. What does it allow

Facebook Pay is available in the US today. What does it allow?

Facebook today launches a new payment service Facebook Pay . The new payment method is designed to work in both the Facebook app and other apps from the American giant. We can name Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp. In all applications, Americans have one payment solution.

Facebook Pay is currently running only for Facebook and Messenger applications . Allows you to pay for event tickets, make purchases on various sites, Facebook Marketplace, pay people or make purchases in games. Purchases in other apps should come in time. In addition, the company has promised expansion to the global market , but has not yet told when this will happen.

Fb pay is designed to help you make your payments easier and more convenient , while not only securing your money but also your personal information. We will also be able to choose whether we want to use the feature only in Facebook or even Messenger. The service supports most credit cards , but also PayPal .

What do you say on Facebook Pay?