FIFA 20: FUTmas is live – that’s in the Christmas event

FIFA 20: FUTmas is live - that's in the Christmas event

The FIFA FUTmas Christmas event is coming up in FIFA 20 . The promo is one of the most popular among players – what will it bring this year?

This is FUTmas: FUTmas is the annual Christmas event of the FIFA series. It was celebrated for the first time in FIFA 13 and is the last big event before the Team of the Year. It also attracts with good features.

When does FUTmas start?

 The event started on Friday evening, December 13th, at 7 p.m.

That’s in the FUTmas event – with TOTY nominees

This brings FUTmas: The FUTmas event is largely based on the past FUTmas events. As usual, the player SBCs are in the foreground, which bring you special Christmas player objects.

There will be 2 player SBCs every day:

  • One with a league theme
  • One with nations theme

There are also a total of six players that you can get via challenges. There are a total of 30 FUTmas players.

TOTY nominees in packs: But these are not all special cards that are now available. With the FUTmas event, the 55 nominees for the Team of the Year will also be in the packs. They will be available for a limited time and get a +1 boost.

What else is there in the event?

As usual, there are different promo packs. You can also get special event jerseys:

In recent years, the market has always reacted strongly to the FUTmas event as players need coins and cards to end the SBCs. So it’s worth watching the transfer market and building good teams for little money .