FIFA 20 New Pro Clubs Features Detail


FIFA 20 big new feature is, Volta, the five side mode that is very reminiscent of FIFA Street. However, the series’ existing modes are also getting updates, and now developer EA has revealed everything it’s change in the popular Pro Clubs mode. New Authentic Game Flow, user-controlled Decisive Moments, and an enhanced Ball Physics System put you at the centre of every match in FIFA 20.


FIFA 20 presents new game improvements called Football Intelligence, a complete rethinking of the game that unlocks a deeper level of football realism.This new feature includes: Authentic Game Flow. Decisive Moments

First up, the company is adding greater customization options within the game mode, replacing the old player creation system with a new universal avatar system across all of FIFA 20. This, the company says, will “bring new ways to design your Virtual Pro’s visual characteristics.”

Beyond aesthetics, EA says it’s restoring the LF/RF, LM/RM, and LWB/RWB positions for Pro Clubs players and increasing the impact player weight and height has on “how your virtual pro moves and feels, with these choices affecting all of your pro’s physical attributes.”

The developer continues: “Stamina has also been reviewed, and we’ve tuned the values to create a risk vs. reward system–if you invest in stamina and pace, you will sacrifice other attributes for your pro. All players will start Pro Clubs experience at an 80 overall rating. From here, the progression is obtained through the drop in, league and cup matches, and the rest comes from the traits of the players, which have also been renewed.

We’ve introduced over 30 additional traits for FIFA 20 that, if paired together with specialty traits, will allow you to take customization to the next level. They offer increased benefits to your pro, but at an increased cost and a potential effect on other attributes.

The match experience has also been improved, EA says, particularly from a visual standpoint. Replay transitions, on-screen watermarks, unique broadcast colors depending on match type a new Pro Clubs logo and club banners are all in FIFA 20 with the latter being dictated by your team’s colors and names.

FIFA 20 | Official Gameplay Trailer

Match types themselves have been updated, meanwhile, with the old cups format being replaced by house rules cups, which takes the house rules variants-survival, headers and volleys, and so on–from last year’s introduces them to Pro Clubs.

Practice matches are the final big new feature coming to FIFA 20 version of Pro Clubs. These allow “clubs to practice individually or as a team against various AI difficulties, from beginners to legendary.

The final few additions and tweaks amount to more kits and crests–with the added ability for team captains to choose kits in order to prevent clashes–and bug fixes, which you can see below via EA.

  • Any’ stamina bug: Stamina drained faster for the player controlling the ‘Any’ position
  • CB in wall: The game now places taller forwards and midfielders in the wall to defend against Free Kicks
  • GK set piece: Having a GK as captain will no longer affect game stability when your team has a set piece to take
  • Club trophy celebration: Clubs can now watch the full Cup Celebration when you win

FIFA 20 launches for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 27 September. Legacy editions will come to Switch and consoles with updated kits & squads but lacking any substantial changes.

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