FIFA 22: FGS Swap – How to get the free rewards

In FIFA 22, there is now the FGS swap. You can use the SBCs to secure free packs. What is the FGS swap? “FGS” stands for “FIFA Global Series” – a series of official, competitive FIFA tournaments. Here professionals compete for places at the top of the FIFA World Cup.

But even if you don’t play along, you can secure rewards: With the help of the FGS Swap SBCs that have now been published in FIFA 22.

What kind of SBCs are they? There are currently four repeatable exchange SBCs in which you should exchange so-called FGS tokens for rewards.

  • The first SBC brings a Premium Gold Pack (costs 1 FGS token)
  • SBC 2 brings a Premium Gold Player Pack (costs 2 FGS tokens)
  • SBC 3 distributes a Prime Gold Player Pack (costs 3 FGS tokens)
  • SBC 4 offers a Jumbo Rare Player Pack (costs 4 FGS tokens).

The rewards are non-exchangeable. However, the more expensive SBCs, in particular, offer an excellent opportunity to strengthen your team without investing coins. The Jumbo Rare Player Pack is one of the best packs in FIFA 22.

This is how you get tokens and use the FGS exchange

These are FGS tokens: The tokens are player objects that are primarily intended to be exchanged in the corresponding SBCs. You can only get them by watching certain FIFA Global Series events. They don’t exist on the transfer market or in packs.

How to get FGS tokens: To get tokens, you have to connect your Twitch account to FIFA 22 and then watch certain events of the FIFA Global Series. There is currently no precise schedule of which events are considered when for the token distribution.

What do I get when I watch? There should be up to 5 bonuses per event the longer you watch a stream – These include:

  • An FGS token
  • Various FGS cosmetics with which you can equip your club

As soon as more information about which token events are taking place, we will keep you up to date!