FIFA 23: Cards in FUT 23

FIFA 23: Cards in FUT 23

We have officially learned what cards we can find in FUT 23, one of the most popular modes in the history of the FIFA series. EA Sports is again preparing many variants of players and awards for them. What types are included in the game this time?

As part of the Ultimate Team mode, players can traditionally expect a series of Cards, which, as part of their variants, will offer slightly different statistics for individual players who have been awarded for a specific issue. Once again, there will also be variants that will develop depending on the results of individual players or teams in real football struggles.

In FIFA 23, 10 types of cards will appear at the beginning, from those related to the basic division resulting from the General Ratings to special variants from the past (Icons and Heroes) on the highlights of current achievements or, for example, club changes.

Throughout the development year, new events will come. Along with them, new variants of Cards with better statistics for individual players may turn out to be much more attractive in FUT 23, in versions with the right combination of parameters.

Cards in FUT 23

  1. Bronze Card (Base and Rare)
  2. Silver card (basic and rare)
  3. Golden Punishment (Basic and Rare)
  4. Silver Team of the Week (TOTW)
  5. Gold Team of the Week (TOTW)
  6. FUT 23 Heroes
  7. FUT 23 x Marvel Heroes (World Cup Players)
  8. FUT 23 Icon
  9. Promising Transfers 
  10. Player of the Month (POTM) [for: Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesligi, Lique 1, Erepisie]