Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Is Digital release Only

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be released only digitally. The game is one of the most popular Final Fantasy games that will not be included in current consoles, and the game is noticeably absent in the Switch lineup to generate online memes.Nintendo Everything was one of the first to report that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be released only digitally. Square Enix, the publishers of the Final Fantasy titles, confirmed the news on their Japanese website.

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for the item Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. We have received information from our purchasing team and unfortunately, the item is a digital release only.

Although that news may seem disappointing to some fans, it’s not too surprising. While Final Fantasy X and XII Remastered received physical releases, the VII and IX Remastered were only digital. VII, VIII and IX were launched in the original PlayStation 1, so it would have been strange if VIII was the only one of the original PS to get a physical release, while the other two did not.

The narrative of the original Final Fantasy VIII is centered on a group of teen mercenaries who need to stop a nefarious sorceress. Their journey leads them to confront a threat at the end of the time of itself.

The Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is slated to release on September 3.

Final Fantasy VIII was one of the most popular Final Fantasy games for not having a remaster on modern consoles, even on Switch and PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy VII, IX, X and XII can be played on current console generations, and Have updated visuals.

As for Play-Asia, which had opened pre-orders for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and originally gave hope for a physical version, the retailer has now removed those listings

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