Fix Denuvo ERROR, BUG for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and WWE 2K20

An new Denuvo Error, BUG appeared from Denuvo at the start of this new decade, especially in games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and WWE 2K20. The error appears to be similar to the Y2K public domain 2000 error, but we have a way to fix it.

According to reports, the error causes both games on the desktop to crash upon startup, but there is nothing to say that other games that use Denuvo are not affected. There seems to be a reason for this.

As explained in the first paragraph of this article, the error appears to be similar to the one that occurred in Y2K twenty years ago, as many expected that computers at that time could not handle the arrival of the new millennium and would be stopped, causing global chaos.

Although, fortunately, this is not a serious prediction, however, if Denovo cannot reach 2020, this represents a somewhat large oversight on his part (although Denovo as a whole is not error-free). Fortunately, Denuvo’s bug has a solution, although it’s only temporary and you may have to do this several times until a real solution is found.

The solution in this case is to simply set your computer’s date to December 31, which should fix the error. Fortunately, Denuvo is working on a solution to this bug, although they haven’t given any indication of when players can expect to work in the affected games.

Although the current solution is not the most practical, it is the only solution that others have found guaranteed to work, at least until a formal solution is produced. On the other hand, the situation is only half bad, because Fallen Order is perhaps the only game between the two that people really want to play.