Fortnite and Attack on Titan Crossover is Underway

That’s right, Attack on Titan is coming to Fortnite. You’ll be able to meet Eren in the Fortnite Battle Royale Island. The reveal trailer even shows him using his Omni-Directional Mobility Gear! Skins and other AoT-themed items will be up for grabs soon for Fortnite account holders.

What is Attack on Titan?

It’s a manga/anime about humanity’s struggle against a race of giant, humanoid man-eating creatures, the titular Titans. In the beginning, all the remaining humans are within a walled city. Even within the walls, various societal problems still plague the people.

The city itself is segregated. The wealthiest live in the center, protected by three walls that separate their ‘territory’ from the rest. In the second ring are the middle-class citizens, while the outermost section is where the poorest people live. With only one wall separating them from the Titans, they’re in danger if it ever gets breached.

Fortunately, humans found a way to fight against the Titans. They formed a military around three regiments: Scout, Military Police, and Garrison. The Scout Division is the front line of defense and offense. They are the only ones to venture out of the walls to clear the way for expansion and expeditions for valuable things.

The Military Police stay within the walls to keep the peace. They’re also the guards for the Queen and supervise the cadet’s training. Lastly, the Garrison handles the walls. They maintain and repair it and operate the cannons in case of an attack. They’re also the ones to direct evacuations if needed.

The protagonist is Eren Jaeger, a citizen of one of the poorer districts. One day, when he was a child, a Colossal Titan appeared over and breached the wall. Countless smaller Titans invaded the city, causing widespread chaos. In the middle of the attack, Eren witnesses a Titan eating his mother, causing him to swear revenge and kill every last one.

To do that, he joins the Scout Regiment with his friends Armin and Mikasa. Thus starts his adventures. One thing’s for sure; not everything is as it seems.

AoT and Fortnite

The crossover will introduce Eren to the game, as teased by some trailers and leaks. It will officially come in the Battle Pass of Chapter 4, Season 2, sometime in April. You can preview the skins and items in the game right now!

Aside from the Eren skin, other cosmetics will be available, such as:

  • Eren’s Faceoff Spray
  • Basement Key (Back Bling)
  • Scout Regiment Salute (Emote)
  • Titan Strike Pickaxe
  • Determined Eren Emoticon
  • Regiment Gear Wrap
  • Banner Icon

The Eren skin will also have selectable styles, though only a little is known about them. There’s possibly one style without the cape, but other options are still under wraps.

This will be the fourth anime collaboration for Fortnite after characters from Naruto, Dragon Ball, and My Hero Academia have been added to the game. Fortnite does open its doors (and arms) to all kinds of collaborations.

Still, they’re more focused on personalities, TV shows, movies, and other games than anime. Even cartoons get the short stick, with Rick and Morty being the only featured Western animated series. While Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Wrecks the Internet had a cameo, he’s more known in movies than in a series.

It makes sense since other video game players are more straightforward to attract than non-players. Even then, they would stay because all the popular movies and series also feature in the game. Still, anime and cartoons are a significant part of fandoms Fortnite hasn’t delved into too much. It feels like a bit of a waste.

Let’s Look Forward to Chapter 4, Season 2

Eren will arrive at the Battle Royale Island sometime in April, around the 15th. That’s around three weeks away, give or take a few days. Soon, Asteria will know the strength of the Titan-Slaying Corps, even if it’s just one coming. Although he’s not the best (arguably, Levi is the strongest), he’s a good representative as the protagonist.

This skin follows the anime’s release of the finale’s Part I. It’s no wonder that Epic Games chose this as its next collaboration. Everybody’s hyped up at the events in the anime, and they’re capitalizing on it. Having Eren in the game will attract his fans and add more to the game’s player count.

The skins will likely end up in the Fortnite item shop sooner or later. You can take a chance there if you miss this Battle Pass Reward. Have fun and enjoy Fortnite and Attack on Titan!