Fortnite: Here you will quickly find many instant items


In Fortnite you should consume several immediate items in one of the new hide-and-seek game challenges. We’ll show you the locations where you can quickly find some of them and easily complete the challenge ..

What is this challenge in Fortnite? In one of the new hiding-game missions, you must find and consume 10 immediate items.

In this guide we show what instant items are meant and where you can find them.

Prerequisite: You must have unlocked this challenge to complete it. Before, the consumption of instant items is not counted.

Where can you find instant items in Fortnite?

Where do you have to search? Since you should consume 10 immediate items, it is worthwhile to visit a place where it has several of these items. We will show you 3 places where you will definitely find several immediate items.

Locations on the map:

You will find the immediate items (mushrooms and apples):

  • Around Slurpy Swamp, on the small hills that jut out of the water
  • In Weeping Woods between the trees, also on the edge of the forest
  • At the Farmers Market, north of Frenzy Farm

What are instant items in Fortnite ?

What items do you need to search for? To complete this challenge, you should start looking for items that you can consume immediately, such as:

  • shield mushrooms
  • apples

What do these instant items bring?

Schildpilze load your shield in small portions. Apples, however, fill up your condition again.

It is best to start looking for thyme mushrooms, as you can consume them immediately. You can only consume apples as soon as your condition is gone.

If you only have apples, you can injure yourself by building a higher ramp and jumping off the bottom.

This is how the mushrooms look like: they are little blue mushrooms that you can “eat”.

This is how the apples look: You can find them as apples on the ground that you can “eat”.

If you have consumed 10 of these immediate items, the task counts as fulfilled and you can dedicate yourself to the remaining challenges .

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