The Fortnite Update

Fortnite Latest Update 11.40.1 Patch Notes 2.53

Epic Games released another Fortnite patch today. The Fortnite Update 2:53 can be downloaded now available on PS4 and Xbox One. You have to download and install a total of 1 GB. 

The new, Update Fortnite 11.40.1 download seems to fix a number of bugs that players recently reported.

Fortnite 2: New Skin leaked in Chapter 2
Fortnite 2

Fortnite Update 2.53 Patch Notes 11.40.1

There are no details about this update yet. The following has been published so far:

  • Release 11.40.1 – Stability fixes to improve Fortnite.

Battle Royale

Overtime Challenge “Visit different bus stops” not tracking for all bus stops.

Star Wars Legacy entries disappeared.

“F” key not enabling proper movement after direction remap.

Editing quickly can cause players to remain in Edit mode.

Sniper Rifle crosshairs may disappear when players fall into a Hideout.


Featured Island portals aren’t working correctly

Bandage Bazooka doesn’t respect infinite ammo and reload settings

We will provide an update once this patch is available on Nintendo Switch and iOS.

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