Fortnite Update 2.54 Patch Notes (hotfix Update 11.40.2)

Epic Games released a new Fortnite hotfix update. Below you find the info about the Fortnite 11.40.2 update. The Fortnite Update 2:54 is now available for download. The size of the download is 1 GB.

The small update mainly brought bug fixes into play. There was also some new content for “Save the World”. 

However, there are also a few cosmetics in the Fortnite Update 2:54 that will soon be available in the game. Among other things, there are new versions of the football skins, probably on the occasion of the Superbowl.

Fortnite Update 2:54
Fortnite Update 2:54

Fortnite Update 2.54 Patch Notes

The new, Update Fortnite 11.40.2 download seems to fix a number of bugs that players recently reported.


  • Goalbound set outfits have number in front instead of back.

The issue involving difficulty scrolling / selecting Friends in the Social menu will be resolved in a future release.

Battle Royale

  • Ziplines temporarily disabled due to issue.
  • Can’t edit structures when looking straight down.
  • Unintentionally editing building pieces through floors.

The issue involving picking up DBNO teammates when trying to switch to the Pickaxe will be resolved in a future release.


  • Particles and beacons can no longer be customized / interacted with.
  • Some featured islands are missing in-game description

Source : Trello

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