Fortnite Guide: Where is Lake Canoe, Camp Cod and Rainbow Rentals

Today we offer a guide on where to find canoes on the lake, camping cod, rainbow rentals in Fortnite. Dance at LAKE CANOE Location, CAMP COD Location and RAINBOW RENTALS Location is FORTNITE SEASON 2 WEEK 6 Challenge and I show all locations needed to complete this one

Why find the challenges Dancing in Lake Canoa, Camp Cod and Rainbow Rental in Fortnite?

This dance challenge is not very complicated, but if you need to know how to complete it, it is simply one of the Meowscles dumpsters, because we are in the sixth week of the second season and we really need to complete each challenge that is presented to us, but we must have Of course, the locations of each of the three sites here are separate. A bit

Where to find canoe on the lake, cod for camping, rainbow rental at Fortnite?

As usual, the three areas you need to visit for this challenge are spread across the island. They aren’t labeled as locations either, so they aren’t easily shown on the map. Fortunately, it is not difficult to track.

Lake Canoe, Camp Cod, And Rainbow Rentals Locations

Below detail the locations.

Canoe Lake- G5:

This freshwater lake contains a number of boats that usually rise vertically and are referred to as a yellow building on the ridge. This lake is located southwest of Dirty Docks and north of Retail Retail.

The Cod-G Camp:

This is simply an island somewhat south of the snowy mountains south of the Misty Meadows girl connected to a bridge connected to the main island Battle Battleale and is on the G8.

Rainbow Rental-A6:

This is the last place we will search for to complete the challenge and we must search for a line of different colored beach huts located in the sand, and this is located on the west coast of the map.


Now that you have an idea where to find canoe on the lake, cod for camping, rainbow rental, you can devote yourself to this challenge that will definitely make you feel like you’ve done a great job in Fortnite.

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