If you are looking for a new Wooly Warrior skin, you can get it for free with Winterfest Cabin! This skin appears at the end of the event, so you’ll need to grab it since this is one of the few times Epic has concluded a free mask.

As we mentioned, this is a very rare thing to do an epic for these holidays. Usually they don’t give out full skin, so it’s worth checking in to get them. It’s a very simple process, and it’s a little hidden on how to exactly capture it.

Fortnite Winterfest started at Winterfest on December 18 and will run through January 2. The celebration includes fourteen days of challenges, formerly known as 14 days of Christmas, that will give a cosmetic item daily for up to two weeks.

How to get the skin of a Christmas tree?

So, as everyone knows, we already received the Christmas tree mask yesterday and I am currently wearing this skin. In my opinion, I really like the skin of the Christmas tree. Not as bad as I thought it would be, and if you like it or hate it, be sure to comment below, as I would love to hear your opinions about the new leather for the Christmas tree, or also known as the Permanent Lieutenant Leather.

To get that, basically what you have to do to get the skin of the Christmas tree is simply go to the Crackshot or Winterfest compartment and go ahead and interact with the tree in the right corner, behind the real crack skin. In fact, you’ll notice that you can open the Christmas tree mask, simply by pressing and holding the interact button to open anything in the game, and then you will receive the Christmas tree skin.

How to Get Wooly Mammoth Warrior Skin

Now to get the woolly mammoth skin as you all know, you should go into the green present toward the back of the cabin. It tells you in this present that you cannot open it and you must save it for the last. What this means is that to get this mask, you simply have to open the green gift and you have to wait until the last day of the Winterfest event, which I think is on December 31, 2019. Today is Christmas, so in when reading this, there is a possibility that you can open it now If so, you should be able to open the green present with the red stripe. But if not, all you have to do is wait for the last day of the winter party, where you say “Save to the end before opening the gift.”

You can check this video if you are having trouble finding it.

How to get WOOLY WARRIOR SKIN FREE! (Fortnite Winterfest)

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