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Gambling companies that run out of business

Is it feasible for a casino, a betting site, or a poker site to close down? Yes is the straightforward answer to this question. Although it may appear that websites like these are always profitable, and as the old adage goes, “the house always wins,” there have been numerous cases of sites like this that have been shut down in the recent decade. Here are some examples of websites that have gone bankrupt we collected together with gambling experts from Exycasinos.

Tom’s Casino

When Tom’s Casino opened in 2016, it was the only homosexual casino in the world, which was one of the many factors that set it apart from other casinos. Of fact, anyone was invited to join this website, but the design was tailored specifically for gay users.

At the same time, Tom’s Casino was one of the most recent casino sites to enter the market. They began operations in 2016 and ended operations in 2017. It’s worth noting that they held licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, two of the most recognized gambling regulators. The cause for the site’s closure is unknown, but one thing is certain: no players were left underpaid.

Casino Rijk

Betting and casino sites, as well as poker sites, have gone out of business in the past simply because they were ordered to cease operations. Another casino that went out of business because the Dutch authorities declared its operations illegal under Dutch law is Casino Rijk.

Casino Risk, like many other online casinos from the Netherlands, claimed to have a foreign license (Malta Gaming Authority), however this didn’t help matters. Before liquidating their site in 2017, they had to cease accepting new players and payout existing ones. So, before it was shut down, this casino had been open for six years.

Terminal Poker

Back in the day, Terminal Poker was a popular poker site. Aside from the always-bustling online poker room, they also offered live betting, normal betting, casino games, live casino games, and mobile poker. This was a one-stop shop for gamblers from throughout the globe. Players may play games or poker using downloading software, but they could also play in their browsers. It’s tough to explain why this website closed down. Some specialists in the sector, on the other hand, argue that Terminal Poker is a victim of larger sites. Their only blunder was not being able to scale.


666Bet, a promising bookie and casino site, had a promising start. In 2014, the owners (The Hexagon Contracts Ltd.) unveiled their new casino, and Harry Redknapp (former footballer and current football manager) was named as a brand ambassador. This is one of the betting sites that has seen the most growth in 2014.

This website also offered casino and live casino games in addition to sports betting. They have accepted players from all over the world, but their primary concentration has been on players from the United Kingdom. 666Bet was noted for allowing players to use a variety of well-known and safe payment methods.

Klaver Casino

Klaver Casino is one of the few online casinos in the Netherlands that has been impacted by the severe restrictions that were announced in 2017. The Dutch Gaming Authority, or KSA, has ordered all online casinos and betting companies based in the Netherlands to cease operations, deeming them illegal.

Klaver Casino was a NetEnt-powered casino including games from other developers as well. This gaming site was always ready to satisfy and exceed players’ expectations, from online slots and table games to card games and live casino games. There was also a section dedicated solely to jackpots.

There are a variety of reasons why poker, casino, and betting sites go bankrupt. Some of them are making poor financial decisions. Others are putting together shoddy bonus packages. There have also been instances where these sites have been impacted by anything outside their control.