GameSir G6s Touchroller

GameSir G6s – 2019 Latest Mobile controller

GameSir G6s Touchroller Mobile Game Controller is a next-gen hybrid controller device optimized especially for First Person Shooters and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. These two genres have had most of the problems when they are transferred to mobile devices and the developers have demonstrated a lot of innovations and practical solutions in this field, mainly automatic shooting and similar things. However, the development of the controller has followed the evolution of mobile games simultaneously, and now it seems that we have a technological leap.

GameSir G6s Touchroller
GameSir G6s Touchroller

This next controller still requires sponsors, since it is financed only with the goodwill of its sponsors. GameSir has merged the years of innovation and research into your baby and is ready to leave soon. As for what we can expect from this incredibly functional device, the list of general features is like this.

  • Compatible only with iPhones, no Android support
  • Touchscreen controlling done with a right hand and Gamepad control with left
  • 10 configurable buttons in a professional layout with an ultra-thin 3D joystick
  • Connects with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Motor vibration
  • Exclusive GameSir G-Touch technology
  • Long-lasting battery life with Ultra-low power consumption
  • Sturdy and durable design

GameSir G6 is a controller developed specifically for mobile games that combines the controller and touch screen controls. You can use the left controller to perform combined attacks while focusing on pointing accurately on the right touch screen

Tutorial How to Connect GameSir G6/G6s Mobile Gaming Touchroller

GameSir G6s is designed to be compatible with iPhones so far. An Android version has not yet been tried, as this is an independent project and developers have chosen to focus on a device wisely. Everyone interested in buying this next device also has the opportunity to get a 25% discount Super Early Bird discount, which reduces the mobile controller to $ 30. The estimated date they can begin shipping is October 2019, with 78 devices already sold. There is also a special offer of 2 packages for $ 58 and a package of 6 for $ 172. Finally, the special offer of 10 packages costs $ 285, all with a return policy and a money back guarantee.

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